Next weeks ads (10/09/05 US)

Compusa has memorex dual layer disks on sale for 29.99$ for 25 disks, sunday only!!! This is defanatlly the cheapest I have ever seen dual layer. Zevia says they are ritek. Whats everybodys opinion on ritek dual layer. I have heard that riteks quality may not be that great recentlly. Still, this is the third store to run dual layer cheap recentlly. Hopfully it means prices are going to drop on a more permanant basis. Their is quite a bit of media on sale though I havent really looked to see if their is any good stuff yet.
Circuit city has nexxtech dvds for 6.49$. They are cmc for the +r if I am not mistaken, but the -r could be cmc or mcc. See this thread and look at post 13 and 19 to see how to identify the mcc.

The first two Compusa pages are sunday only!!! That includes the dual layer dvd’s. I didn’t get office depots ad.

anyway, here are the ads


From tomorrow, Sony 50 pack is $17.94 at Staples. I’ve been 3 Staples today and all of them had at least a few MIJ +Rs. As usual, look for one with white foam on top. A spindle with a gray foam is MIT and -Rs are NOT TY even if they are MIJ.

Interestingly, one of the store was using tomorrow’s price tag by mistake, I smell that I may insist getting a few spindles with the new price because they tagged it so. I didn’t try because I wasn’t so desperate for more DVDRs.

As always … Mr. Ripit … THANK YOU KINDLY!!! We’re not worthy of the generosity of your time … but we’ll enjoy it nonetheless!! :slight_smile:

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Are the Circuit City and CompUSA pictures broken for anyone else?

In any case, thanks as always, rip.

Okay I must be the only idiot out here…but I can never see ANY links to anything in Ripit’s posts. I -really- want to look at next weeks ads but I can’t figure out why I never see any links in his posts. Anyone have any ideas? I’ve tried both Opera and IE [I don’t have firefox installed ;P].


they seem ok to me. code2^16 thinks they suck.

I have heard that riteks quality may not be that great recentlly.
ritek quality is right down with what cmc used to be. only when they were using verb and ricohjpn dyes were their discs worth a crap

Anybody know what those memorex are at Bestbuy? I got some Bestbuy buck to get rid of.:stuck_out_tongue:

thanks for your hardwork ripit, am waiting for a SATA II HDD to go on sale, I guess hopefully next week.

OD! Stuff any good?

Item # List Price Our Price Units Availability Compare
942778 $79.99 $14.99 pack In Stock
Philips® DVD+R Recordable Media Spindle, 4.7GB, Pack Of 50


first 2 pages sun only

circuit city

Damn, I wish I would have caught that earlier. I was home all day yesterday. I’m off to compusa so I’ll fix the links later, and here are direct links for now. I hope everyone at least realized that the media link worked for these two stores (including showing a page of the compusa sun only sales). If thier are any more problems, let me know.
I think for 1.25 a disk, I’ll take the risk on the memorex. I’m also curious, if they run out, will they substitute? They have on some things in the past. I wonder if they cary any other 25 packs of dual layer?

I think the link in the first post is working now, you just need to reload the page (or I did anyway). Fyi compusa is opening at 8am for anyone interested in the one day sale.

They should be cmcmag (e01 for the +r). Thier are mixed opinions on cmc. I have had pretty good luck with them (8x and above only).

I have just tried it in opera and it worked for me. I usally use firefox. Can you see the direct links like the ones I put up for circuit city and compusa?
I’m not sure what the problem could be (I have limited knoledge with the technical aspects of browsers and html).
This probably doesn’t help much, but till someone can help you get it figured out, For the last several weeks, and in the future, the web address and format will be the same as in the direct links except the numbers will change. The jpegs will be max**** ranging from max0001.jpg to max0100.jpg or so. I usally wind up going up to 80 or 90 and thier are usally a few numbers that get skipped. They are in order (each store grouped together). It would be a pain to have to go to each link manualy but it would work.
Is anyone else having problems viewing them? I am open to sugestions on a diffrent way to post them? Fyi I know about the circuit city and compusa not working last night, that was a typo in the html on my part and is fixed (just reload the page if it still pulls up the bad links).

Could be a few things
I think that cmcmag is the most common followed by ricoh though.
What kind of packaging has everyone got from the memorex dual layer? They had two diffrent spindles at compusa. The spindles and disks both look identical
but one has clear shrink wrap with a paper label and one has printed shrink wrap. I got one of each, but only intend to keep one.

On a side note, one of the managers at compusa told me no rainchecks and no substitutions but I have dealt with this idiot before and he tends to make up his own policy. Does anyone know what compusa’s official policy is? The ad says limited to stock on hand under a few items, but not on the dual layer disks. I’m hoping to catch a good substitution if thier is going to be one (if they even sell out).

Turn off your firewall or popup blocker.

Ritek DL media quality varies greatly, so buying Memorex DL media is like drawling waffle ticket


drawling waffle ticket


Is that similar to drawing raffle ticket? :bigsmile: