Next weeks ads (1/7/07 US)



I almost couldn’t do the ads this week. Someone is on vacation so I was sceduled noon to 10PM (not much sence in doing it if they wont be out till midnight when they are already on the stores sites). They changed it at the last minute though (they didn’t want no coverage til noon) so I worked 8-4:30.

As far as media, it looks like sonys at a few stores. Circuit city finally has nexxtech 25 packs on sale for 4$. the 50 packs were crap but the 25 packs may be 8x mcc (-r only). Here is some info on how to tell mcc nexxtechs

I skipped scanning staples because I already posted it yesterday. I gave a link to the ad as well as a link to the thread where they have discussed the sony media a bit, links are below.

I skipped wallgreens as the prices were total crap, I didn’t find a cvs ads (strange, there is always one), and target didn’t have any media.

I scanned the entire radio shack ad this week. It can be found on the last tab.

You probably notices that the time I post is more erratic lately. That is just the way I have been scheduled at work lately. things might get more erratic over the next several weeks. If all goes well, I will be taking a few weeks off soon, so in theory, the ads should be early those weeks. My wife is due with another child (around the end of the month), so if she happens to go into labor on Saturday, I most likely wont even post that I am not going to post, lol. I might be switching from cable internet to fiber optic as it just became avalable here (and time warner cable sucks). In therory, the cable will not be shut off till the fiber optic is up and running, but just in case there are any mixups and I dont have internet on a saturday (thats the way my luck usally goes)???
As always though, you can count on my putting forth a great effort to get them out, so hopefully everything will go smooth over the next few weeks.

One last thing (I know, like you care about all my rambling about my personal crap). The ads will soon (maybe as soon as next week as I already got the cpu and MB) be a little quicker to do, as they will be done on a conroe e6300 instead of an athlon 64 3000 (wont speed up scanning but might speed up processing). I will also be overhauling all my computers changing parts around, so worse case senereo, If the computers are down, I cannot do the ads, though I usally stop working on my computers (in a running state of course), when saturday is approching.

Now you know why I posted the links first, lol!!! The cost of reading the ads I post is you have to put up with all the rambling I post too!!! :bigsmile: :bigsmile:

So here they are, enjoy



thanks ripit
EDIT: oh and congrats on your new soon to be baby.


Thank you ripit!


Thanks ripit, and early congrats on the new arrival.


Thanks ripit!


Thanks very much, ripit, and congratulations on the impending arrival of little ripit. :flower:


Thank you for the ads and weekly entertainment.
I find your posts not rambling, instead quite humerous.
Maybe we could arrange a weekly Soap Opera show named
The Adventures Of Ripit The Computer Geek.

P.S. Wishing you and the wife only the best for the new arrival.


Thanks for the scans ripit.


I forgot to mention it but I’m guessing most figured it out from the pictures. Office max didn’t have an ad, but rather had a brown paper bag in the paper. you can get 15% off anything you can fit in the bag (some exclusions, see scans).


Thanks as always, ripit, and please accept my congratulations as well! :smiley:


thanks much for the notice as always. congrats and good luck with the kid.


Regarding the Nexxtech discs, I’ve only used them in the 8x -R UME01 variety. My Playo UME01 discs burn with about 1k total PIF, quite good for cheap MIC media. These Nexxtech UME01 discs burned with about 8k PIF but they are evenly spread and no high peaks - in other words they aren’t good media for anything important but they perform fine for ‘unimportant’ burns. They are Made in Hong Kong, BTW. I’ve not used AML002, MCC, CMC AE1, or CMC E01 from this brand, but AML002 under Playo and generic have burned well for me (about 1k total PIF). CMC E01 and AE1 are both good under most brands but I can’t comment on how they are under this brand. In any event, I would look for MIT first regardless of +R or -R.


It has been a while since I have bought nextech’s (since the 25 packs haven’t been on sale), but to the best of my knowledge, the majority if not all of the 50 packs have been made in Hong Kong, where many of the 25 packs are made in Tiawan and are mostly cmc or with the -r, cmc or mcc. Unless they have changed packaging, you can see the serial numbers through the top of the package to tell which of the -r are mcc and which are cmc or other. See the links I provided in the first post (they may talk about office max or nexxtech but the identification is the same), to tell how to find mcc from the serial number. To tell you the truth, with all the crappy 16x out there (the few good ones like verbatim excluded), I might even be happy with some 8x cmc for that price.


Thanks ripit, no matter what time your scans get posted doesn’t matter. We all appreciate you doing it so no worries!

congrats on the new addition soon!!


Thanks again Ripit.


Anyone know anything about the Sony DL’s at BestBuy?


Mainly Ritek’s, but there have been a few reports of Verbatim MIDs.


I bought one 50 pack of the Nexxtech CD-Rs, ‘52x’ and Made in Hong Kong - they are Plasmon. I was hoping they might be CMC. I’ve not used Plasmon from Nexxtech, the unbranded Plasmon I’ve used usually burned fair but no C2 errors with most. Nothing important that I’d use them for but I’ve not had any problems with them in the short term. Also bought 2 packs each of +R and -R 25 packs, I’m assuming that they’ll be CMC E01 and AE1. I have no preference between AE1 and MCC02RG20, actually I’ve had better overall results with AE1 but they perform pretty similar from what I’ve used, good PIF levels and slightly elevated PIE levels.


Here’s my first burn with the Nexxtech CMC E01 discs (8x Benq 1640, SB off WOPC on). PIFs totals are a little more dense than HP and Teon E01 (50-300 PIF) but looks good overall.


I went to my local Circuit city and picked up a few 25pc spindles as well as the CD-R media. Oddly enough there wasn’t any MIT discs on the shelves, they were all made in Hong Kong. Long story short the MID is AML 002 and UME01, CD-R is Plasmon.

The discs themselves scream cheap, but burn quality on the UME01 is okay, on par with CMC M01 and other cheaper discs. Could be something to use for temporary storage or short term archiving. Not sure how the AML 002 is yet, tried a burn on my Optiarc, and it started at 8x, dropped speed to 4x midway, and at the very end of the disc dropped to 1x, which is going to take forever to finish… Not looking good.