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This has been how my luck has been going latlly. I just got done setting up a raid array, and installing some minimum software (the programs I need to do this, some burning software, 1 game, antivirus etc). So a few hours after I get done, I’m playing tron, I hit the windows key thinking it will supend the game while I check something, but it totally locked up the game, my mouse and who knows what else. It would not restart either so I had to manually shut it down, which completlly killed windows (even a repair install didn’t work).

The good news though, sony, verbatim (regular packs), verbatim dual layer and verbatim movie reel disks all on sale this week, and the sony’s are at compusa (they havent had them on sale in a little while if I recall right) so maybe they supplies of made in japan are not all gone.

Fyi I know the scans look kind of crappy but I didn’t have time to get my normaly used software installed, sorry. I am not very farmiliar with the program I used for resizing so I can probably resize a little bigger off the originals to make them look beter. If the link suddenly stops working, thats just me swaping the files out for ones that are hopefully a little beter and it should come back up in a minute.

Thanks for the hard work. Saves me a buck and a quarter every week. These ads are the only reason to buy a paper anyway.

What kind a raid are you setting up. raid 0, raid 5 or what. Are you using a raid card or using the operating system. If you are using the os for raid, it has been my experience that it helps on the reading but writing slows way down.

the sony’s at compusa here in KC area (overland park specifically) had only two mij’s in the store and I bought them. If your store sold out of mij’s, will they only carry mit’s from now on or can they get a new shipment of mij’s?

ripit,the scans are fine, thanks

Raid 0 on the motherboards sata raid ports on 1 computer (the one I’m working on right now) as a boot drive, raid 0 on another computer (I left it on the floor when inbetween working on it and my wife let the baby crawl over and rip the tempature sensor and wires to the pelt on the vid card out, so I gotta redo the vid card cooling before I can use it). The second one will run the raid 0 off a siig raid card for a boot drive. One will run 2 160 gig hitachis, the other 2 160 gig seagates. I also have a 4 channel promise raid card and 4 60 gig maxtors. I’m not sure what I am going to do with the promise card and maxtors. It performs much slower than the siig or onboard raid in raid 0. Even with three drives it is slower (I havent tried all 4 drives but I might once I get some data moved around).

as far as speed, it at least benchmarks beter than one drive alone with writeing and reading (no idea why because I thought they were suposed to write slower too).
sandra scores for the onbaord raid with hitachi drives
drive index 91 MB/s
buffered read 111MB/s
sequential read 113MB/s
random read 68MB/s
buffered write 88MB/s
sequential write 84MB/s
random write 59MB/s
average access time 6ms

I have no idea how I got such high scores but I have found that speed can very quite a bit depending on the raid controler. The promise card is dog slow compared to this (I think it’s lowest write speed was 24MB/s for random write).

I forgot about sata. I have no experience with sata motherboards or controler cards. I have about 14 scsi and about a dozen ata. I don’t have my scsi’s in a raid now because it slowed my system down and I don’t really need it. I used raid 5 for backup safety but since my last 200 gig seagate ultra ata’s only cost me $50 a peice, I don’t have to worry about losing data if a drive goes bad.

Anyway, sometimes a raid card will say 4 channels (meaning they will hold 4 drives) but will only have two channels of transferred data. In other words, if your card says 80mbps per channel that 80mbps is max for each of two channels output to the computer and not the 4 channels input from the drives so you get total of 160 instead of 320 which would be the sum of the 4 drives. These are scsi speeds.

Thanks ripit for all hard work and excellent contibution. Scans look perfect. Good to see your baby grown up as such to give you hard time when see you pay more attention to your computer than her/him.

As for the raid card although I don’t use it but I have workedn on it in friend computer I myself have M/B with two SATA which is flawless and trouble free some M/Bs come even with 4 SATA.

I’m actually running regular pata drives with serillel adapters to use the sata ports (not mispelled, its and abit trade name). Its an abit motherboard and the adapters are specifically designed to work with the motherboard. They actually work very well (used them for about a year or more on a raid 1 array without a single problem). I was suprized about the good speed benchmark it recieved going through an adapter though.


this means, 110% price match at staples PLUS use my ink coupons! wooo!

$9.50 per 50pk here I come!!

sorry, I get excited when I can get TY at $0.19/disc

give link to your staples ink coupons.

they aren’t online. staples has an ongoing promotion where if you bring them your old empty ink cartridges they give you a $3 coupon. They’ll take any old cartridge, and you just bring it up to the register when you’re ready to check out and say you’d liek to redeem them for your coupons.

The coupons are good on anything in the store. they can only be used one per transaction, so if you’re getting more than 1 spindle, just ask them to ring it up separately.

They can be used in conjunction with price matches. the fine print of the staples price match policy says that any coupons are to be deducted BEFORE calculating the 110% price match, but I haven’t run into any staples employee that seems to know/care about that detail. They always do the price match first then take the coupon.

Good point - what does Staples require to do the 110% match, a copy of the ad or will they call CompUSA? Also, wouldn’t it be $10.50, not $9.50?

$14.99 - 10% = $13.50 - $3 ink coupon = $10.50 (am I doing something wrong - never got the 110% match before so maybe I don’t understand how it works?)

Thanks again Ripit!

PS - on the RAID setup stuff, not sure if this applies to you but I’ll mention it since I have a similar setup with a DFI LanParty. The mobo I have has eight SATA ports - 4 from the NForce4 chipset, 4 from a Silicon Image 3114 chip. The performance on the 3114 SATA ports is AWFUL compared to the NForce4 SATA ports. Apparently the 3114 ports are on the PCI bus versus not sure what other than “NOT PCI bus” for the NForce4 SATA ports.

I have 3x250GB Hitachi RAID0 boot array and it’s extremely fast. I’ve had to power off before as you described and never yet had a problem of windows getting jacked up. I don’t have actual experience using the 3114 ports - I read about this on the forums, lots of benchmarks up there and lots of people figured out the 3114 was way slower than the NForce4 ports. I got the mobo with the 3114 ports because it wound up being the same price as without the 3114 - probably won’t ever use them but they’re there just in case and for free. :slight_smile:

Lance, a price match give syou 110% of the DIFFERENCE

i based my estimate on regular staples price of 39.98 for a 50 pack. the math goes like this:

39.98 - 14.99 = @24.99 (this is the difference)

24.99 * 110% = $27.49 (this is what ou get OFF the reg. price)

39.98 - 27.49 = 12.49

12.49 - $3 coupon = $9.49

I’ve never seen them call. I just bring a printout of the ad and they barely glance at it and just give me the deiscount.

Just print out the page that has the media off compusa’s website in the morning before you go and take it. They can call and verify if they like. You could probably just capture the image I posted and print it too though they are kind of low res this week.

@LanceDiamond, I helped a friend setup raid on an abit nforce4 board and same thing though not as big of a diffrence on the abit board. The nforce4 raid was about 15% faster than the silicon image raid (I told him to try both and benchmark them to see which is faster). Oddly enough, my silicon image raid on my nforce 2 board just slightlly outperforms the nforce 4 raid on his board so aparently the support hardware (pci card/mother board) matters as much as the control chip.
I think the nforce 4 goes right through the chipset and comunicates direct, without having to go through the pci bus.

Thanks man!

Thanks Ripit
This week, I dont see anything that I would say “WoW”

My local Compusa has a mixture of 1X-8X and 1X-16X Sony DVD+R. Both of them say Made in Japan.

The 8X ones are going to be YUDEN000T02, but what are the 16X Sony MIJs?

can’t say for sure. there’s only one media ID entry for SONY DVD+R 16x on and that’s SONYD21. there are 3 comments about this media. 1 syas it’s MIT, one says it’s MIJ, and the other doesn’t specify.

maybe it’s possible that both manufacturing locations will give the same MID.

if I were buying these, I’d still pick the MIj ones on principle.

but I wouldn’t buy these…I’d stick with the 8x which are DEFINITELY TYs.

I have never seen a Sony 16x MIJ. I have been to comp usa, micro center, best buy, and office max looking for Sony MIJ’s and only found a couple 8x MIJ’s. Every Sony 16x I have seen were all MIT. If there is a Sony 16x MIJ, I would like to find some.

You are right I have not seen any Sony DVD+/-R 16X MIJ either the ones MIJ are 4X and 8X.

They are SONY D21. They are pretty good… similar to MAXELL 003 in burn quality.

Anyway, I got a pack of them tonight. Here’s how the first one turned out: