Next weeks ads (1/28/07 US) MEDIA ONLY

Sorry everyone but the wife went into labor last night, and in a couple of hours, a 8lb9oz baby boy. I just came home to get clothes and need to get back to the hospital, but I figure I can spare a few minutes to at least throw the media up for everyone, next week will be back to normal.

office depot, January 19, 2007.jpg

office max, January 19, 2007 (2).jpg

compusa, January 19, 2007 (3).jpg, January 19, 2007 (4).jpg

bestbuy, January 19, 2007 (5).jpg

circuit city, January 19, 2007 (6).jpg

No media at staples in the ad I got (it was one page mostly pushing vista).


Nexxtech 25 packs from Circuit City are $3.99 again (so are the 50 packs of CD-Rs). Look for MIT.

thanks for update. and congrats on the baby. take care. hope all is well.

Thank you for taking some time out of your busy schedule to post Ripit. I think most of us here would understand if you had skipped a week. Take care and congratulations.


Congrats! Have a cigar!

That looks like the best media deal I see offhand. So far I’ve liked the CMCMAG E01.

For anyone looking for a new high tech mouse, Staples has the Logitec Revolution MX for $50 after a $30 Easy Rebate…

The wheels on this thing are [U]extremely[/U] smooth.

thanks, and congratulatoions.
Looks like they’re starting to sell computers with VISTA on them. Wonder if there’s any hot deals on puters with XP?

no chance the nexxtech -rs are mcc again?

how can i tell the +rs from aml and cmc mag e01?

MIT. My CMC AE1 (MIT Nexxtech) burn better than both the E01 and MCC though.

aren’t aml and ume also MIT?

No they’re made in Hong Kong (and China).

Thanks ripit and congratulations on your new son.

Thanks for the scans, ripit, and congratulations on the new son.

HEY HEY a little RIPPER!! 8lb9oz baby boy


Hope everything went OK!!!

Thanks ripit!

Congratulation’s on your baby boy!!! :clap:
have a cigar mate! :bigsmile:

congrats on the new addition to your family ripit…and thanks for the scans!

Congrats on the baby boy ripit and thank you very much for posting today

Only a REAL cdfreak would leave wife with coming boy in a hospital and spend time (even if few minutes) to post here :bigsmile:

make his first baby shirt say…I’m a “Taiyo Yuden” boy…:slight_smile: