Next weeks ads (1/27/08 US)

I started a preview thread this morning with some of it, so we might as well keep the discussion going there. Even though it says its only some of the ads, the link is good for them all. I got office max, office depot, staples, bestbuy, circuit city, frys sun ad, wallgreens and radio shack media, and most of the sears and radio shack electronics on the last tab.

Thanks ripit.:iagree: Now I can get my shopping list ready LOL.

kewl :cool: and thank you once again ripit!

thanks again ripit

Thanks ripit,

THX Ripit. That is Soundblaster Fatality at BB is a heck of a deal for $99.99 - 12% coupon. Current price at Newegg is $135.99.

Thank you ripit

I cant seem to find a 24" LCD [B]HD[/B] monitor. I know they sell them but it seems noone has them. Anyone seen one lately?:confused:

How much are you willing to spend Alan1476?? Get at least an S-PVA panel. I am in the market for an S-IPS panel if I can find a good deal