Next weeks ads (1/21/07 US)

There was no media on sale at circuit city, so under the media tab there is a random page for circuit city (it made editing the html a little easier), so it is not a mistake that the circuit city page under media has no media.

Beyond that, there is sony and verbatim, almost if not every kind of both brands, at various stores (dvd single, dual layer rw, cd-r/cd-rw).

So here they are, enjoy.

Thanks, as always, Ripit

Thank you Ripit. :bow: I always look forward to your Saturday posts.

thanks ripit, have a good weekend

Thank you ripit.

Thanks again ripit!

Thanks Ripit, I am slightly disappointed that you don’t have more commentary :wink:

Hows the e6300 and water cooling going? Did everything make it through ok?

Thanks for the scans, ripit. No news on the baby yet?

Thank you very much ripit :clap:

I had to cut it short, to do some work while the baby was asleap (not the new baby).
The e6300 is up and running fine, as is my athlon 64. The home theater pc is another story (it would have got a heavily overclocked athlon xp 2500). . Due to windows activation problems (damn windows), I couldn’t reactivate it. No you have so many days to activate or anything, just death, you cannot use your system till you reactivate, and reactivation would not work. The people at windows reactivation number cannot help, and tell me to wait all weekend till mon during buisness hours to talk to tech support. So I try to do a repair install and kill it. So I try to change hard drives for a clean install, and the water cooling springs a leak (the back of the reservoir/pump unit became detached). So I call koolance and they say, compusa hasen’t been an authorized dealer for about 3 years so no warranty for you (it should have a 1 year warranty and I bought it about 1.5 months ago). So I’m in the process of finding my receipt, after which I’ll try and deal with compusa for the warranty (bought it at a store that was closing and there were signs all over the place, all manufactures warranty’s in effect so I would say they are responsible). I guess it will be down for a little while. After I talk to compusa if they agree, I will remove the bad part, and build the computer with air cooling till the part gets replaced.

No word on the new baby yet, though theres lots of work to get the house ready for him. It could be any day.

thanks ripit

Thanks again ripit :slight_smile:

We all should know that the newspaper ad do not come with the same other as ripit displayed them, it requires cutting each appropriate portion, set them up in the right order and scan them then upload them which is tremendous burden. ripit I truly appreciate your hard work and dedication even though you make my paid Sunday paper useless as far as these ad concern. So thanks.

thanks much for the ad notice. now that i am on the other side of the world, at least i can keep up with what is on sale and get the wife to buy them for me.

I’m a little bit intrigued by both the Office Max combination of 50 Verbatim + 60 day trial of Intelliflix for $13, and, to a lesser extent but still a good deal, Staples combo of 50 Staples discs + 128MB USB Thumb Drive for $13. I’ve had mixed results from CMC M01 (Staples +R variety has been good for me though, under 1k total PIF), and I’ve had pretty good luck with CMC AM3 from Staples (again about 1k total PIF or less). So the Staples -R discs would be a good deal if someone could use a relatively small capacity thumb drive and some decent everyday discs. Of course the Verbatim discs are well known and the intelliflix trial makes it a little bit better of a bargain than the normal sale.

Of course I really need none of the above so I should be ignoring the ads altogether. :stuck_out_tongue:

Intelliflix sucks, I started my trial a month ago and I have only received 3 movies.

Thanks for the heads up, although if I got the deal I wasn’t planning on going beyond the free trial. I saw it said something about a 48 hour delivery. So is there a very slow turnaround from the time you send out a disc until you receive the next? About how long is it taking for you, and are the discs sent to a location near you? With only one out at a time, you would have difficulty getting very many rentals in a month even if you send them out immediately after receiving them, maybe around 5 or 6 at the most. I consider the value of the 60 day trial only being worth about $5-10 tops anyway, considering all of the deals on video rentals now. But that still makes the Verbatim deal more attractive than without the free trial. BTW, I like the irony in getting free rentals with the purchase of blank DVD media, how transparent is that? :wink:

I will buy the Verbs but the Intelliflix offer will not be the reason why LOL.:wink:

Do you know if the FujiFilm CD-R’s are on-sale @ KMart?

Thanks Storm~

Found this in the online circular…

Fujifilm 80-min. 50-pack CD-R or Fujifilm 50-pack DVD+R/-R
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thru Jan 27

Unfortunately, I do not see any combined deals like the one that existed on Thanksgiving Day where the CD-R media was $5.00 per 50-pack [U]and[/U] BOGO free.