Next weeks ads (1/18/09 US)

[QUOTE=Bob;2200264]CC here started their liquidation Saturday. I was reading the local news and they are giving a wopping 10% off … parking lot was filled up and some were parking on the grass but people were walking out empty handed because of the wopping crappy 10% off.[/QUOTE]

Yup, the only difference is here people were dumb enough to bite on some of the big items. Pretty stupid since you can get better deals from places such as newegg and amazon and you still have some form of return or exchange policy. I’d sure hate to be the person to get stuck with a blu-ray player or lcd tv that was defective out of the box from CC. :eek:

I just came from CC with empty hand
it was totally waste my time :doh:
( so many people inside store they not buying it just waching )

and Thanks ripit

Those OfficeMax Verbatim’s… how do we know if they are the “good” quality ones?

if you’re talking about the verbatim dl, look for MIS, made in singapore

sorry,… the regular 100 16x DVD-R spindle (as I recently read that DVD-R’s have a higher compatibility rating than DVD+R’s)