Next weeks ads (1/18/09 US)

Everything is done on my side, but I am having problems uploading to the server (I keep getting disconnected). Some of its up (I’m not sure how much, it looks like some of bestbuy and circuit city made it), and I don’t have to work today so I’ll keep trying.

On a side note, I’m posting a circuit city ad, but it would seem as of yesterday, they are closing all US stores so no telling if the ad is good or not.

The CC ad is probably NA as they have marked everything up to retail with 10% off. Last of the good deals at CC folks. Oh well. The Sammys at BB look interesting.

Thanks RIPIT

PS/ the quality of your scans is always better than the ones at slickdeals man.

much thanks for this. will continue to check back to see if pages come up.

Thnaks, ripit.

Thank you once again ripit!

The site (CDF’s) for me has been afu’d for a week or so now. I haven’t reported it because it has been tolerable…

Thank you very much ripit.

It looks like I got them all up now. There is either no media or I didn’t get an ad from sears, target, cvs, and radio shack. Bestbuy did’t have any media either. Let me know if there are any problems (missed pages or partially uploaded pages with part of the page chopped off).

Thanks ripit.

According to a post at Slickdeals, an internal CC memo tells them to honor this week’s ad.

Thanks ripit

NICE. looks like it is time to pick up some DL Verbs at OM. Just bought some yesterday. going back tomorrow to get my diff in money. and then buy another pack. much thanks.

[QUOTE=dreamliner77;2199987]According to a post at Slickdeals, an internal CC memo tells them to honor this week’s ad.[/QUOTE]

Circuit City is no longer the owner of the stores, the liquidators are. Doesn’t matter what the memo says, the liquidators will decide how things work.

see here

[QUOTE=dreamliner77;2200165]see here

Doesn’t mean anything. The liquidators own the store now. The sales are dead. Bet on it. When they open later this morning, you’ll see what I mean.

Thanks ripit

CC here started their liquidation Saturday. I was reading the local news and they are giving a wopping 10% off … parking lot was filled up and some were parking on the grass but people were walking out empty handed because of the wopping crappy 10% off.

It will be interesting to see how much they mark stuff up before they mark it down. That seems to be the way these liquidators work. Sad thing is people fall for it and most stuff will be gone before it gets to be a good deal. Maybe with the bad economy, people will be a little more careful with their money and there will be a few good deals?


thanks ripit for all your hard work. Hope everything is well over on the SouthSide.