Next weeks ads 1/15/06 US)

Looks like a good week for media. Sonys on sale at staples and best buy for you ty hunters. Nexxtech cheap at circuit city the 25 packs can be mcc so maybe the 50 packs can be too? See here for info on the 25 packs in the past and how to id mcc
Also, verbatuim on sale at office depot (they only give the price for the dvd-/+rw but say all verbatium on sale up to 65% off). I guess well just have to wait and see. It might be a good oportunity to get 115% price match on verbatium at office max (I’m sure they can call and verify price) if you didn’t get some this last week at office max with the brown bag deal.
Also, 2 items that caught my eye, the sima video enhancer and philips divx player at compusa.

the compusa brand media on sale is not shown on the media tab, it can be seen in the link below (2 day sale)

I have only posted media for office max and staples to save time. I need to get to work on my computer tonight (windows has been corupt for weeks and is getting really bad, programs crashing and such). I already have a raid array setup with windows installed but I still need to find and install software (including all my burning software and the software that I use to do the ads).
The full ads can be seen here

Office max (they always post there ad on saturday)
The staples ad is courtesy of rolling56, here is the it was originally posted it in

Compusa 2 day sale, January 13, 2006 (83).jpg, January 13, 2006 (84).jpg

Thanks agian ripit. :bow: :bow: :bow:

Thanks ripit. Hope you get your puter running like it should.

I just want to give you a great BIG HUGE GIGANTIC -Thank You-!

I used to have to wait up until CUSA finally decided to post their Sunday ad [thats at about 11 pm my local time].

Now I can go to cdfreaks and look for ripit’s scans of next weeks ads!

Great job man!

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Wow. If all Verbatims are 65%, then I’ll be stocking up on Verbatim +R DL 10 packs…

34.99 reg. price

  • 22.74 save 65%

12.25 plus tax

UP to 65%. So no such luck on the D/L discs would be my guess.

Where is the Divx player at CompUSA?? For some reason I cannot find it on the ad…

Thanks man!

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It is on the very first page on the far right (in the actual print ad it is on the back of the cover page that has the 2 day sale and the back is good all week). The philips for 49.99 (save 10$). I know that it is not a big discount but I have never seen it cheaper than 45$ and that was 60 - 15 mail in rebate.
I have actually looked into this player since I was going to get one anyway. Online they are about the same price (that I could find anyway). The few places that had them cheaper than 50$ had such high shipping, it was still about 50$. I have a friend that works at best buy and he can get it for 52$ (which is 10% over cost) so I figured it was a good enough deal. From what I have found out looking into it, it is suposed to be a pretty good player and work fairly well with divx files. I wouldn’t count on it playing everything but it is suposed to play about 40% of all divx files which sounds low but even the really expensive ones only do 50-60% as seen here.
It is the best that I have found out of the cheap ones that are avalable in the US anyway (I think there are beter ones avalable in some european countries but they are models not avalable in the US).
I’ll warn you though, while it is suposed to work pretty good with various media files (plays some xvid too), there have been some quality control issues with it (defective players and ones that die prematurlly). I guess that it is not that expensive of a gamble, but I’m thinking about maybe price matching at circuit city (they have a cheaper extended warranty if I recall right).

Ripit, Many thanks again for all your hard work.
I have this weeks flyer from Office Depot and I checked the link to the website ads but I see no mention anywhere that any type of Verbatim’s are on sale, I only see Memorex. Did I miss something somewhere?

I always get th Walgreens ad and usually nothing much. Not that big of a deal this week either but thought I would post the info anyway…

TDK Discs


• 100 pack CD-R Data “52x”
• 50 pack DVD-R or DVD+R “16x”

On the media tab, look for the verbatium dvd-rw (red and green package) for 12.99, next to the memorex burner (above some memory). It says it above the dvd-rw’s.

once again, THANK YOU!

i also wanted to point out that a GREAT deal this week is the photo paper at staples. 100 sheets of the staples brand, regularly 12.98 for 4.94 plus $3 off if you have empty ink cartridges = $1.94.

also if you’re into the name brands, the kodak photo paper is 100 sheets regular 13.99 for 5.99. $3 off for the ink cartridge = 2.99. $1 more than the staples brand, but people tend to like the kodak name for photographs and it’s still a great deal

either one is a great deal, and if you print pictures you’re bound to have empty ink cartridges to get the $3 coupon.

Thanks, time for a visit to the optometrist.

If anyone needs some audio cdrs, the Sony discs at my local Staples are MIJ and are TY.

Did the BB run today. Guess what - all the Sony 100 packs were MIT, all the 50 packs (the ones NOT ON SALE) were MIJ.

Went to OD and got the MCC004s 100 = $31.00, 50 = $15.00.

if I were you and I were in a particularly fiesty mood, I’d go back there (wearing a low-cut shirt) and show one of the sales associates that they didn’t have any of the product that was on sale that I was looking for (SONY MIJ) and I’d ask if he’d be a sweetheart and let me get 2 of the 50 packs for the sale price.

…but that’s just me :wink:

An interesting experience there.

A 10-disc spindle of Lightscribe Verbatim CD-R scanned as $12.99, but after I reminded the cashier about the sale, it was a push of a button, another scan, and it became $5.20. (That’s 60.0% off.)

Makes me wonder what Office Depot is up to. If you don’t mention the sale, you get to pay the full price, if you do, you pay 2.5 times less. Hell of a way to run a business!

I was only interested in LS CD-Rs so I don’t know what other Verbatim media costs this week.

If you still want the ty (I think I would just keep the verbatium), why not get bestbuy to price match the 50 packs on sale at staples?