Next weeks ads (1/14/07 US)



Here They are.

As you might be able to tell, things didn’t go smoothly today. I got a new e6300 and MB, so I’ve been changing parts around in all my computers for the new system build this week (and retiring an athlon xp2400). Of coourse I managed to spring a water cooling leek and spray the motherboard with collant on my athlon xp 2500 putting everything behind scedule, not to mention windows activation problems and the death of an old windows install. Anyway the e6300 computer is built and working, but no saftware installed yet (so I couldn’t process the ads on it). The other two are in parts (had to throw one partially back together to do the ads, photooshop really choked on 512MB of memory).

I should have it all worked out by next week though, and will be off from work for the next couple of weeks, so ads should be early for a while.

In case you wonder about some of the posts, I cut this from the top after the problem was fixed.

Somebody tell me if these work. I only have internet exploder installed and I think it is blocking images (clean install of xp).

It should work now, somebosy check it. I guess it would have helped if I had changed the dates in the html to 2007 in the first place. I fixed the title too.


dont work for me :frowning:


Nope it’s block.


Didn’t work in IE7 nor Firefox 2.



I am using Firefox and i cannot see a thing.



[B]Next weeks ads (1/14/06 US)[/B]

Wow, this thread is almost a year old. :stuck_out_tongue:


:bigsmile: :iagree:

Good catch! :cop:


Yes it does thanks ripit!


It works now , thank you so much ripit .

Time for shopping across the ocean , again :bigsmile:


Thanks Ripit. FireFox 2 sees her now. :bow:

Thank God there are Sony 50-packs on sale at BB this week. I bought the last four 50-packs of MIJ 8x +R on planet Earth last week just to make sure that nobody else got them. Of course, last week the best price match I could get was $15 per 50-pack from Staples. Now I can take them back and get a better price match and save a few quid.


TDK 50 packs of -/+R for $10.99 at CC, but then current TDK media isn’t anything great.


thanks much for the heads up on ads again. always nice.


There is a Toshiba laptop at BB for 499.99$ this week , my friend in NY needs one badly and every time I tell him about a deal he screws it . The last time he saw a laptop battery and thought it was the laptop itself , came back home with nothing and he told me it was too small :bigsmile:
Of course next day it was all sold out , maybe this time he could get it and PM Sony MIJ from Sears for me :wink:

@Doctor Morbius : are you sure you got the last Sony TY spindles [B]on the planet Earth [/B] ? :a

j/k :bigsmile:


i he’s full of it!! :iagree: I know where there are 300 just waiting for this bb sale. of corse theres a pm involved but it went fine last week for 200 mij(ty02) & theres still 300+ more sitting there waiting for little ole me to come pick them up!! :eek:
thanks ripit.


:bigsmile: It must be!


Anyone know anything about the Ativa media sold at Office Depot?

I looked it up on, and no results for this media can be found. Any guesses for the mid?


Also can anyone tell me about the MIJ media from Sony?

Is the MIJ in 8x flavor or 16x also? Can you pricematch from any store to any store? Will they sell 8x as the same price as the 16x sale price? Any info on how to get the best bargain on MIJ Sony media would be of great help. Currently I’ve found LOTS of 25 packs of MIJ 8x +R at staples, but they want 18$ for a 25 pack.


The MIJ Sony 8x +R media is Taiyo Yuden T02. Great stuff. It’s getting harder and harder to find. There seems to be some reported 25-packs floating around, but as you say, they aren’t the quantity that go on sale.

Sears seems to be a good place to find older media, although price matching there seems hit or miss.

Ativa is Office Depot’s new house brand. Not much known about it for sure yet. More was known about the older Office Depot branded media. Some of it was RICOHJPN R03 and some of it was RITEK.


Thank you for the clarification. I understand that most MIJ media (aside from Maxell) is TY. Do the MIJ come in the 50 pack from Sony as well, and is it worth my time to search for MIJ media in the 50 pack or even 100 packs?

The reason I ask is that 50 packs of Sony media is almost always on sale (I purchased a 50 pack of Sony MIT from Staples last week, which was garbage, worse scans than CMC and even most Riteks), while the 25 packs (which I’ve located and many are MIJ) seem to never be on sale.

Also the sales seem to specify 16x media. Will the 50 packs come in both 8x and 16x speeds, and which speeds are likely to be MIJ, does Sony even offer 16x MIJ media?


thanks man.