Next weeks ads 1(12/7/08 US)



I had to work late again (about an hour after I was sceduled), and the ads are huge, so I’m gonna post even though I’m not done. Office supply stores and best buy are done. I’m in the middle of circuit city. The rest will be up soon.


Thanks ripit. No need to rush, we’ll still be here. :slight_smile:


Thanks ripit.


Thank you once again ripit!


Circuit city is uploading and should all be there momentarilly.


Thanks ripit,


Thank you, ripit!


Mahalo! ripit!


wallgreens, radio shack and frys are up. No media at sears, cvs or target. That all of them, enjoy!


Thanks ripit ! :slight_smile:


Sweet thanks buddy!


thanks ripit. always gives me a good look at the sales! anyone know anything about the small tv from best buy that will be on sale for $199? need one for the bedroom for coaxial cable hookup only


much thanks as always. nice.


Thanks ripit!!


Thank you ripit


Thanks rippy




Thanks ripit.