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You would think that I could have gotten this done earlier considering that I didn’t have to work today, lol!!! I cheched 5 gas stations around noon and no sunday early edition. Cheched a few more times and finally got one around 2:45. I never heard from jim cooper about the early media (and didn’t see his post). Anyway, I havent looked at it very close to see what speeds etc. but I think you guys are going to like the selection of media this week if the impression I got from just glancing at them is right. Thiers sony, verbatium, fuji, some nextech for 7$ per 25 (-r’s can be mcc, check last weeks (agents post and the next couple) thread for info on how to tell which are mcc).

Anyway, here is the media



circuit city

Office depot

office max


As usual, this link will be dead now, but will work in about 2 hours (give or take) with the rest of the scans. I’ll of course post when it’s up.


Sweet!!! Thanks Ripit. Gonna be stocking up on the Staples Sony +R’s. GOt the 50 pks last time and they were absolutely incredible. Exceptional burns on my BenQ 1620, PIF totals @ 50-100 (one burn resulted in only 13 total PIF); PIE avg @ 7k -8k…some of the best burns i have ever gotten. Of the 10 discs i have burned 7 were 99 and the rest were 98. These Sony’s are much better that the Fuji Ty’s i have bought at BB.


If you have a BJs Wholesale Club near you, they have Fugi Tys both + and dash for 19.99 all the time (not a sale price)


Nah, im staying away from TY Fujis from now on…unless it’s a deal i can’t pass up. The Fuji TY’s in my experience (I’ve burn roughly 500 of them to date) have been too inconsistent for me. I’m sticking to Sony +R’s and unbranded TY’s from Rima from now on.


The ads are up (the link in the first post now works to view all ads). I manually edited the html (it worked last week but I didn’t have time last week to do the media tab). This week all should work including the media. Since this is the first time I have completlly edited the html myself, let me know if thier are any problems (I clicked through and it looked ok to me).


ripit - nice work…

What’s the mid on the Sony +Rs?

edit: just browsed the blank media forum. Sony MIJ is yuden t02, Taiwan is Sony. Is that true? Which is better?


Sony +R = Yuden T02 (MIJ)
Sony -R = SonyD11 (MIJ)----I think

Avoid the MIT. Look for MIJ +R’s.


I think that the sony 8x+r are sony d11. Personally I think that d11 is pretty good (though I have only burned a little of it). I think most would prefer the ty but it really depends on what your drive likes. I think odds are either would most liklly work well.


Nice work ripit!
All the ads in one click! Great.


Fuji +R DL?



You The Man!!!


cbboy777, I believe you are right on the Sony -R being SonyD11


Last time the Sony 25 pack were on sale every B&M store I went to (DFW area) they were all MIT
however BB still has MIJ SONY50 in large numbers as well as the 25 pack fuji are still mostly MIJ
hope that helps and save gas searching


:cool: The Verbatim 16x 50 packs (+R MCC004 and -R MCC 03RG20) are the ones on sale at Office Depot for $19.95. Thanks for the heads up.


Missed one. Imation dvd+/-r 50 pack for 15.99 at target. Thiers no item nuimber but the ones in the picture are 8x.


Made by Ricoh.


Nice catch. $14.99 at Bestbuy. Still more than $5 a piece with tax.


CompUSA had TDK Ricoh DL (in 5 pks) for less than $4 a disc a couple of weeks ago.


Sony -R = Sony08D1. SonyD11 is the MIT +R.



the best price and quality deal for D/L at this time is Verbatim 3 pack at
$14 delivered