Next weeks ads 09/04 [US/preview for media only]

compusa ad link
100pack no-brand dvdr $24.99
3 30pack memorex cdr $9.99
50pack compusa dvd-r $7.99 [valid only on 09/04 8am to 8pm]
25pack compusa dvd+rw $7.99 [valid only on 09/04 8am to 8pm]

target ad link
100pack imation cdr $16.99

circuit city ad link
25pack tdk dvdr $7.98

staples ad link
50pack maxell dvdr $17.94
30pack maxell audio cdr $8.94
50pack maxell cdr $8.94

No ad for bestbuy so you have to wait for ripit’s post. Also, the links will be dead until the images are uploaded—hopefully by thursday midnight.

JIMCOOPER!! Whoooooooo hoooooooooo!! Always nice to see this post every week … always a pleasure. Thanks as always. :slight_smile:

Yo JC-

U da Man!!



I have a ton of media since I started following these ads. Some media is okay, some is great. But there’s always room for another 50 decent media bought on sale.

lol there is always room for good media on my shelf

I uploaded the images so the links should work now.

One would think Labor Weekend would garner some pretty good deals on blank media…guess not.

those are the specail ads that come out durring the week for the monday only sales usaully