Next weeks ads (09/04/05 US)



Here is the media preview

the 50 and 25 pack of compusa brand media is on sale sunday only



circuit city
jim cooper’s
I’m not sure why the ads he got are diffrent

Office depot

office max




I cannot get excel to work right on either of my computers so I am manually editing the html (the test I did worked) so hopfully this will work in about 2 hours when I get all the scans up. Weather it works or not I’ll post manual links when I get it all scanned and up.


Thanx again ripit !


Thanks ripit! Your work is greatly appreciated! :iagree:


I didn’t get a staples ad (the media was provided by jim cooper for staples) so if I get the html working, the staples link will of course be dead).


office max

office depot

circuit city


compusa sunday only

The html link in the first post is working now except for the media but it is listed in the first post, and warning, the last 2 pages of compusa are sun only (couldn’t add that to the html)


These don’t work.


got it fixed


Thanks ripit! :iagree:


Thanks, got the last batch of MAXELL 002 at Staples!


Got a batch of crappy princos at compusa. They are perfect for what I need them for. My 3500 will burn them at 6x.


Which ones are the Princo? (So I can avoid them) I have never had good luch with Princo DVD’s. Thanks :slight_smile:


The princos are in the red and gray packaging. They are the -R’s at 2X. My 3500 will burn them at 6x. They are good for moving more than a cds worth of data from here to there. (I guess I could buy a flash-stick, but a 1 gig flashstick won’t be $7.99)


Compusa brand are often princos. I think princo only makes -r (someone corect me if I am wrong), but it doesn’t really matter. Compusa brand +r are usally crappy too. Compusa and fry’s (GQ) store brands are defanatlly a big two to stay away from.


Nexxtech-branded -R media on sale for $6.98 this week at Circuit City is either CMC.MAG AE1 (in a slightly taller 25-pack with a smaller “lip” on top) or MCC 02RG20 (in a slightly shorter 25-pack with a larger “lip” on top). Those adept in reading reflections of serial numbers should look for “[6 digits]-DVR-I47A” on the discs to spot MCC 02RG20 packs.

Here’s a typical 8x burn of a Nexxtech-branded disc by a BenQ DW1640.


Thanks for the heads up on how to id them. I had thought it was all cmc. I’ll have to go digging and see if I can find some mcc for that price.


Thanks for the heads up. Went over to Circuit City it was easy to find the MCC media with the “helpful” hint supplied. BTW - I noticed the TDK -R 8X labeled 25 pack actually had 16X imprinted on the media. Would be nice if they went on sale for $6.98.


I would love to try Princos and add it to my collections. :stuck_out_tongue:


Where do you live, I’ll ship you mine. :slight_smile:


Well my CC has both tall and slightly shorter 25 pks and i bought 2 pks. Got them home and they are CMC. Couldn’t read the serial #'s but got the right pack and lip size. Will take them back tomorrow.


Thanks for the tip. It was easy to see the “xxxxxx-DVR-147A” through the top of the cakebox.


They had TDK on sale for $7.49 last week and seems like they have them on sale for $7.98 every other week.