Next weeks ads 08/21

Here is a media preview city.jpg

This link with all the ads will not become active for about 2 hour from the time of this post. I’ll post when it is active (or if I canot get the html right, I’ll post direct links, lol).

SWEET!! Thanks as always, ripit. Just made my morning. :slight_smile:

Teh html link in the first post wont work right now but here it is.

Woun’t you know, problems again and I cannot fit it or I’ll be late for work. I had my wife helping while I got ready and their was a renaming accident or something (she has no idea what hppened). I had 77 scans and now have 79 files (actually 78 because of thumbs). I quicklly previewed the ads and they are all as they should be as far as what pages are what store. Thier are some dead links but I actually think that thier might not be any missing pages (about the right number of files are thier). The names just got messed up I guess and I do not have time to rename. Most if not all should be thier, just ignore the dead links. I’ll double check them after work (10:00).

office max


office depot


circuit city


I looked through them and the all seem to be thier (one is upsidown though). If anyone finds any errors I missed, please let me know and I’ll try to fix it.

Bump, you guys are still reading this, right???

Hell Yes!!! Thanks Bro! :iagree:

Thanks to you and your wife- does she burn dvd/cd’s as a hobby as well? She does scan pretty good.

We be alive ripit! Thanks man!

I guess you don’t like office max cause most of them don’t work!!! :confused:

I usually just read the posts without replying. But I want to thank you for putting this stuff together. It’s extremely useful. It’s a lot of work for sure that is really appreciated.

Great Job!!! Your work is always appreciated. Keep it up!!

Not in the OM Add - Imation 25pack +R 8x $11 off 19.99 or $8.99
look for the Made in Tiawan - (Gray Base)
Nero CD-DVD Speed: Disc Info
Basic Information
Disc Type: : DVD+R
Book Type : DVD+R
Manufacturer: : Ricoh
MID : RICOHJPN R02 (003)
Write speeds: : 2.4 X - 4 X - 6 X - 8 X - 12 X

these are getting hard to find …maybe you last chance

The Memorex DL at OM are nothing special
Ritek D01 -

Not bad @ $3 a disc I guess… My store was in short supply …got 2 of the last 5 on the shelf

I just double checked office max against the original scans (that were not altered or messed up). Thier are only 8 original scans and 16 links (the names for those got messed up the most), but of the 16 links, 8 work and I think that all 8 scans are there.
By the way, I haved mentioned it in the past, but I’ll mention it again for those that might not be aware. For the sake of avalable time and space, I do not scan all the pages of the ads. I figure that this site deals with media, computers and such so i tend to go electronics related. Things I skip are appliances, office and school supplies, vontage and comacst cable (they run similar deals every week, and it is not like they will sell out the first day), big screen tv’s (again, they ar not gonna sell out), and more expensive computers. I do try to get most electronics, anything computer related, smaller tv’s, all monitors, cheaper computers that might sell out or be limited, cameras and sometimes video cameras, photo paper, media of course, networking stuff, cheaper printers that might sell out (and often more expensive printers too since they are all grouped together often), video games and movies, software etc.
The ofice supply ads were a little shorter for me this week since they are all running a lot of back to school stuff that I skipped (paper, notebooks, binders, writing instruments, backpacks etc).
If you guys would like me to include some of the stuff that I skip, please ask, and I will see what I can do within time and space limitations (be specific about what particular kinds of items that you would like to see that I have been skipping).
Fyi PC-GUY, this started as a responce to your question/observation but became a general response to everybody so don’t take it as me going off on you about it all (wasn’t sure if the post came off that way so I thought I should clarify). Everybody continue to point out errors and problems as it helps me improve it. sugestions and requests are also welcome (afterall I am doing this for all of your benifit so let me know how you would like it andd If it can be reasonably done, I’ll try).

ripit … you’re amazing!! The media, harddrives, burners, and memory are all that really interest me. Hopefully, we don’t end up putting more constaint on your time. You’ve even got your wife into the act as it is!! :slight_smile: thanks again … :bow:

Does anyone know how much the maxell dvd’s are at office depot? The ad implies that they are on sale and buy one get one free. I went to thier web site and the 50 packs of dvd were listed for 29.99. So is that the instore price that is buy one get one free (two 50 packs of maxell dvd for 29.99 sounds pretty good to me)?

Just make sure you get the MIJ Maxell discs!

Actually I usally get the 4x+r made tiawan disks. Even though they are made in tiawan, they have consistantly been ricohjpnr01. Overspeed burning them at 8x I usally get scans with pi under 10-15 and pif under 3-4 (with kprobe) and sometimes even get as good as pi under 6-8 and pif under 2. Both my liteon and my 3500 love them burned at 8x. If they are out of the 4x though and I want to get maxell, I usally look for the made in japan maxell 8x+r (maxell002 media code). My liteon doesn’t really like - media and I try to mostly buy stuff that will work with all my drives. My aopen burner even lkes the maxell002’s and it doesn’t like anything.

They didn’t have any 4x at my local store. I did see one thing that made me curious. I have bought 15, 25, 30 and 50 packs of maxell media. They have always looked like the attached picture. The + (4x/8x) were blue like this, the - were yellow or gold but the label looks identical. The 25 packs were 20$, the 50 were 35$, the 100 were 60$, all buy one get one free. They all looked like I was used to except the 100 packs. They 100 packs of 8x+r had a disk label that I have never seen before. Two packs were much darker blue, two packs were purple, and the markings were completlly diffrent. They were made japan. I’m just wondering, just diffrent labeling, diffrent manufacturing plant, diffrent media code? Has anyone else seen or tried maxell that had a label that looked diffrent than the one I posted a pic of?

Does Sony still make 25pk +s MIJ?