Next weeks ads (08/06/06 US)

I got all the ads this week. I haven’t been posting fry’s in a while since it is usally the same crap, but since they are starting to run some new drives and some motherboard/cpu combos with new pricing, I have included part of the fry’s sun ad (on the last tab).

It looks like our best bet is verbatim at bestbuy this week. Single layer for the typical 15$ for 50, dual layer 35$ for 20 (a little cheaper than the 2$ ea we have been seeing). Ver light scribe cd-r too. For you ty hunters that still manage to find sony or fuji (I know most is gone) fuji at best buy and sony at a couple of stores to price match.

Office max is a brown paper grocery bag with 15% off what you can fit in it (I scanned the exclutions). There also seems to be a 2 page ad on there site (nothing but the bag in the paper).

The upload problems from the last two weeks seem to be gone too (never figured out the problem).

Fyi a heads up for next week, I don’t have to work so hopefully I can get them out a little earlier (I’m shooting for 2-3pm).

so here they are.

Once again, life would be so much more expensive without you. :flower:

Grab those Verbatim +R guys. They are just about the only good deal left in quality media.

It seems with most advertised meidia being 16x these days, its usally our best bet. maxell003 is nowhere to be found for a good price. I havent tried the sony (d21 I think) but have heard mixed opinions.

Ill stick with the Ty Sony’s. The D21’s are subpar. At leats every burn I have had is.

this + is better then the - in verbs?

+r has a little beter error corection. Which actually burns beter may depend on your drive, though I think +r does a little beter overall with most drives.

From what i’ve seen my benq’s handle +R well, nec’s handle -R well. I noticed the local Sears does have some Sony T02 there so Monday I’ll be pricematching. If the Nexxtech -R MCC discs I picked up burn well that’ll prolly be all the T02 hunting for me, I’ll just wait for the Nexxtechs to be on sale again.

+DL Verbs are on sale at best buy, 20 discs for $34.99 after instant rebate, thats the lowest I’ve seen without MIR. Thanks RIPIT for your hard work

I might even bite on the +DL Verbatims, that’s a great price.

Thanks again Ripit!!

any staples coupons? I am on the road again and near a giant Staples.

The Fujifilm CD-R and DVD are still on sale at K-Mart buy one and get one free in 50 packs.

50 CD-R are $14.99. I bought 10 of these and they were all Taiyo Yuden.

50 dvd are $28.99. So far I’ve not seen any of these MIJ in my area but you may be lucky.

Sale ends 28th of Aug.


Hi Chas0039 , I have to agree the Sony Tys have dried up around me in NJ for along time already, I have been buying nothing but the 16X+ Verbs from Office Max for 14.99. I am going to splurg and order some Yudens from Rima for 38.00 per 100 ( +shipping) Its the only choice left if you want TYs

We have to note this somewhere, we are in total agreement. :flower:

where are you still finding TY sonys?! tell tell tell!

Here you go, Have fun shopping

You should be able to get the 8x +Rs for less than that from rima and they burn fine at 12x in most burners.

You are correct sir:
They have come down in price since the last time I looked, just ordered 100. Thanks Jesterrance.

Anyone know of a good price on Sony +RW’s?
B&M or On-line doesn’t matter to me.

CompUSA has Sony 100 in a spindle for $27.99, mostly 16X since 8X sony can only be found at slow selling store, for +RW, I dont know any deal because those are rarely go on sale.

Wow! Just picked up a SanDisk 2GB Flash drive for $36 out the door. They took both discount coupons plus my $6 in points money. Wow!

Thanks for both coupons guys!