Next weeks ads (07/23/06 US)

Hopefully everything is done right. Last week I changed the date to the wrong date (as I was setting up on a new computer) to reduce the amount of html editing. so I left it that way (forgot about wrong time too) and it changed dates right in the middle of scanning (and file names are date based). I think I got it all right though.
No big comentary as I have to go to work, though I will say, they dallas paper wasn’t out, so I got the fortworth paper which had everything but compusa. I’m not sure if the dallas paper has compusa but unfortunatlly I do not have time to go looking for another paper before work.

so here they are

I spoke too soon. I’m having upload problems. I’m only geting about a half K upload speed. I have to go to work but all files should upload on thier own (could take a little while). I think the speed issue is on my side. I’ll get my wife to check it and call me (if there are problems maybe I can get her to fix it). The link should work in a little while when the files finish uploading.

files should be up now. Could someone check it and tell me if it’s working? thanks

Thanks bro.

Wonder if those Fuji’s could be some old stock MIJ!

Does anyone know if the Maxells at Walgreens are 16x?

I will check my store later if I get there and report back.

Unless your local store is slow as hell, no they aren’t. The old Fujis have been gone for a long time, and it’s now strictly 16x MIT media.

Not much of a deal this week, it has been like this for a few weeks already. I guess the economy is going down.

Thanks Ripit, deals or no deals, you did a great job.

best deal this week is kodah photo paper at staples.

6.99 per 100 pack of 4x6

purchase 2 of them online and get $9 off ( lets you use up to THREE ink cartridge coupons)

free shpiping for staples rewards members (membership is free)

all of that comes out to $5 plus tax (if applicable) for 200 sheets of kodak photo paper.

That Samsung19" 931D LCD Monitor is a pretty good deal at 219.00 no rebates.

Thanks as always, ripit. I’m surprised and glad that you didn’t have any major computer problems this weekend. Maybe I should start an “upgrade ripit’s computer for the good of cdfreaks” drive. I’ll try to think of a catchier name too.

I actually have some decent parts, but I’m always changing stuff out and messing with stuff causing more problems. I’m running an athlon xp2400 (temporarilly, have a 2500 to replace it) and an athlon 64 3000, both on abit boards with 1 gig (kingston and corsair xms), about a dozen hard drives, 6 opticals, and enermax 460 watt and 2x430 watt/1x380 watt antecs. Two antec tower cases, a slection of sound cards, tuner and capture cards etc., a couple of raid cards etc, etc. The only place where I lack is a scanner (have 2 but they are both pretty crappy). There are probably a few other places I lack (defanatlly video card) but nothing fatal.
Fyi I asume that the ads didn’t take too long to upload? It was actually my wife posting for me as I was at work (after I posted the link). I moved my computers to another room and had to extend my comcast cable with a 25 foot extention. I benchmarked it and it was fine so I’m not sure if there is some problem there or if the cd freaks servers were running slow but max speed was about 0.5K. After about 30 minutes when I had to leave for work, only about 20 files had uploaded and normally it only takes a few minutes to upload them all so I’ll have to check that out.

I’m wondering if those maxells are 16x made in japan? that would be sweet.

I’m guessing back to school may have something to do with it. I don’t scan office supplies (pens, paper, folders etc) but with the office supply stores, as much as 2/3rd’s of the ads are that kind of stuff. Its the same kind of thing at other stores too though maybe to a lesser extent.

If you need +/-RW media, Office Depot’s 25 packs for $9.99 is a good price. Ritek media but it’s worked well for me.

That Hanns-G 19" widescreen that’s on sale at Office Depot looks very nice for $180 after rebates. I picked up a 19" (normal aspect ratio) for $140 after rebate a month and a half ago and I’m extremely happy with it. They seem to be trying to make a splash in the LCD market. From what I’ve read, they previously were panel suppliers to some of the top rated LCD manufacturers.

I haven’t seen any in the US, been to almost every store that carries maxell brand: staples, walgreens, walmart, kmart, office depot. And I am not only looking at spindles, I am looking at individual jewel case as well and no luck finding made in japan spindles or packs.

my kodak plan has failed. the staples website doesn’t show the kodak paper at the sale price. I’ll have to call customer service and see what they can do.

most sites link to the items from the on-site ad and you can purchase from there, but staples only gies an “add to shopping list” option if you click the ad and not an “add to cart”

even if i directly enter the item number from the ad, just says “invalid number”


my local staples only allows 1 ink coupon per transaction and the website lets you use 3. hopefully whomever i speak with at customer service lwts me use the coupons.

The only ones I have heard of or seen have been 5 packs in jewel cases. the wallgreens here has them but they are 15$ normal price (and I’m not paying 3$ a disk for single layer). someone also said they have seen them at walmart. The cheapest price I recall anyone seeing was 2$ a disk (for mij). If I can find them for under 1$ in a small pack I’ll buy some just to try, but I would never use them on a regular basis at that price.

K-Mart put thier normally $14.99 Fujifilm CD-R 50 pacs on sale buy one get one free.

The ones I just bought were MIJ TY but they only had 3 in store.

Fuji DVD are buy one get one free for $27.99 but all our store had were MIT.

The sale is through Aug. 28.

I have seen the 10-pack MIJ Maxell dash 16x with slim cases at USD 14 at Walgreens, they are few and come and go quick. It was on sale for USD 10 a few weeks ago. All other Maxell DVDs are MIT, including 16x 10-pack with normal jewel cases and 25-pack tubs.