Next weeks ads (07/16/06 US)

Running a little late today. My computer is mega infected with some very mean spyware (surfsidekick). I had thought I got it cleaned off (long process removing all the crap it put all over my computer) but after 2 days of no problems, spybot starts poping up with it trying to change the registry. I set spybot to keep refusing it’s changes, and the stupid thing literally sat there making hundreds of attemts to change the registry. Denial of registry change windows were scrolling so fast across the screen that my vid card could not redraw the screen fast enough and the windows became blank. Cpu usage was pegged too. After a few minutes I managed to get task manager open (it was pretty badlly locked up) and kill the main program for it.

Anyway, it gave me a good reason to get my beter computer set up for the ads which will actually make things faster in the future (its a much faster computer with a recent clean windows install). I had to do new photoshop actions etc. so I hopefully improved things a little. I was scanning at 150dpi, resized to 125dpi, jpeg compression 3. I am now scanning at 200dpi, resized to 135 dpi, jpeg compression 4, and edge sharpening in photoshop. Hopefully it will make item numbers a little more readable.

Another note. In the past I have included best buys and circuit citys mini disks (usally on the camcorder page) in the media tab. I am no longer doing this (unless someone requests that I do). they are still in the stores scans though, usally on the same page as the camcorders.

We have a few choices for media this week. verbatim light scribe dvd at bestbuy. verbatim cd, dvd single and dual layer in a few pac sizes at office max. sony’s at compusa (and wallgreens but there price is high). cvs has maxel 10 packs for 6.99$. I know its not a good price but its about the cheapest I have seen potential maxeel003’s, and I really want to try them. I would rather have a 5 pack for half that price though as its too expensive to buy a lot. anyway, I know, shut up and just give us the link, lol.

you are absolutely crazy…i just read your thread in the other forum about the viruses and whatnot.

seriously, take a day off!

ps, thanks! :slight_smile:

Thanks Ripit,

            I will going to get those Verbs at Office Max this week, missed the ones at Best Buy last week. Thanks again for all your work. It is appreciated.:clap:

everything i need to pick up is on sale everywhere!

photo paper and wireless mouse/keyboard for my aunt, wireless g router for my other aunt and verbs for me.

basically people just let me know what they’re looking for and I call them when I’ve found a good price…then i go buy everything and they reimburse me.

i guess it beats actually having to do product comparisons for them haha.

Are you the family computer expert? Every family has one, even if were not real experts (you may be ) we get to do all the computer shopping for everyone.

Thanks as usual ripit! :stuck_out_tongue:

Ripit, I just had this same spyware on mine. Still wondering where the hell it came from, but unfortunately for me, I was sick as a dog the day Spybot found and removed it and did not really look into it (I was at times semi-delusional, I even thought that maybe the program was what made me sick. Seriously.)

Anyways, as always, thanks for the ads.

i evne did a housecall this morning. my aunt and uncle just moved and were going to call some service to set up their computers and hook them up to the internet. the company they called wanted $50 just to visit, then $25 per 15 minutes with the minimum visit being a half hour. they went on to say that the average visit was 1.5hrs. in other words they were looking to charge $200 to take some computers out of the box and plug them in.

i told them to cancel the appointment immediately. i came over and did it in a half hour. i tried to refuse money, but they gave me $50 anyway and i have to go back next week once I buy the wireless router to get the laptop set up.

Thats what family is all about, to be there when they need you and you need them, you must be a good person. Plus you saved them 150.00 and you made 50 and everyone was happy, it doesn’t get better than that.

haha i felt like i robbed them taking the $50, but they wouldn’t let me leave without it. i mean all i did was plug in some color coded wires to the back of the tower and show my aunt how to access her email.

i’ve never dealt with wireless before so i have a feeling next week’s laptop adventures will be fun…

You may not think its alot but to them its like a physics lesson, at least thats what my relatives are like. Setting up a wireless network is as easy as pie, just make sure you put their passwork on the installation disc cover so if you have to access Linksys or whatever brand you choose its easy to find.

wireless will be piece of cake too for you
plugin wirless router go thru setup wizard
set encrytion type and password
then do the wireless card same way
I found netgear super-g 108 extremly easy and cost effective with good coverage
and is on sale every week
good luck

check if they need their vcr programmed :bigsmile:

the card is preinstalled on his laptop. it will just be a matter of plugging the destop computer inter the router, the router into the modem then I’m most worried about the security settings since I don’t really know what I’m doing.

I assume it will be in the instructions with the router or at the very least the settings page at the router settings IP will have a help button. shouldn’t be too bad.

all this super-g, and wireless-N now has me confused…I’m glas his card is plain old 802.11b/g

hey reasons:
a few wireless tips:
don’t broadcast ssid
lock down by mac address
setup dhcp with a small number of addresses
use highest encryption supported
that should keep that wirless network pretty secure. good luck.

On a side note, if anyone knows any deals on ddr2 200 pin so-dimm notebook memory, please let me know. I found a deal for a friend last week and she didn’t get it (had to register to get a particular class). It kind of pissed me off as I drove to fry’s to see what was on sale for her (got to visit a friend that I never talk to anymore so not a total loss). Last chance for her, find the best deal this week, if she doesn’t buy, she gets best deal on newegg (suprizingly there have been deals an ddr2 notebook memory equal to newegg or beter recently).

Thanks for the scans, ripit. Did you use edge enhancement this time because things look a lot crisper to me?

I don’t really pay much attention to the HDTV prices, but I noticed that 720p DLP TVs are getting to be pretty cheap. $1800 (after savings) for a 50" DLP HDTV is pretty good. Of course CC also has an old Hitachi 50" CRT Rear Projection TV for half that, but prices keep dropping. If only I had $2000 to spend on a TV. :sad:

are the verb’s at officemax just from the pic the ones we are all looking for

I setup on a beter computer so I made a few changes. I’m scanning at 200 dpi and resizing to 135 dpi, instead of scanning at 150 dpi and resizing to 125 dpi (the higher original scan resolution seems to compensate a bit for the cheap pos scanner I am using). I am using jpeg compression that is one step beter quality, and yes, I am using edge sharpening. My main purpose for all this is to try to get the id numbers readable and yet stay within aceptable size limits. So far as I am concerned, I dont care how good the ads look, as long as everyone can tell what is on sale, and most importantly, read the id numbers, so you can go the the web site of the store and enter the id number to find exact details on the product.
Thanks for the input too. Scaning at the higer resolution takes longer (semi compensated for by the faster computer but that cannot speed up the scanner). If it looks beter, I’ll keep doing it.

I would appreciate input from others too (not important, dont waste your time trying to compare), but if you hapen to feel the ads look beter this week, let me know. My main issue is, can you read the item numbers on the various ads (I know the quality is low, size limitations demand it, but I feel you must be able to make out the item numbers or it kills half the advantage of getting the ads early). If you cannot use the item number to look up what is actually on sale, then you doent really know what is on sale. :bigsmile: :bigsmile:

Be careful for those prices, 720P is already the obsolete hip generation of DLP which is being made by Texas Instrument. These chips called DLP 2nd generation is out of production and new generation of this chip called DLP 3 is on the production with resolution of 1080P which is tremendously advantageous over the 720P ones. The new TVHD are being equipped with these new chips, which has the HDTV resolution of 1920X1080P. .

Thanks ripit as always, the scan is very good and the readability of letters has been improved noticeably.