Next weeks ads (07/09/06 US)

Obviously I’m running really late (had to work late, had to take care of some stuff after work, and only got 3 hours sleep so I’m sitting here sucking down coffee, lol). As I was running late I didn’t want to complicate things and possibly run into problems by scanning at higher resolution like I said I would last week (havent got things completly setup though I have software installed on my new computer just waiting for photoshop actions to be setup once I get the setting right). I did play with resolution and compression and file conversion and such the other day and also played with some photo shop things like unsharp mask and edge sharpening). The circuit city ad’s first 3 pages are scanned twice. The first scan of each page is done as normal, the second scan is the same scan resolution and final resolution but with some modifications (diffrent modifications to each page). No rush, I havent even looked at them myself, but I would appreciate some feed back on if the second image is beter, same or worse (overall image as well as readability of the item numbers).

So on th the ads. I got everything (including staples, that was a shock), except compusa.
Bestbuy has verbatium 16x on sale but as has already been posted, only -r is shown in the ad (they have messed up their ads in the past, I wonder if +r is on sale too even though it is not show in the ad).
tdk at circuit city, hp 16x in all three spindle sizes (someone corect me if I am wrong but 16x hp isn’t new, right), memorex and tdk at other stores.

Though the staples ad is small and mostly school supplies which I do not post, there is staples media on sale. Someone correct me if I missed it (Been quite busy latlly), but we havent seen any staples 16x media on sale yet? there is staples dvd media 12.98 for 50, but with a new lable from what I have seen. I cannot identify the speed from the picture and it doesn’t say. What makes me wonder if it is something new is this. If you search the item numbers on staples site, it pulls up the old 8x media with diffrent item numbers. If you try to order by item number using the item numbers in the ad, the item numbers are not recognized. In otherwords there seems to be a new label and a new item number for staples media. Item numbers printed in the ad are 623598 and 623616.

Anyway, I have made everyone wait long enough, here they are.

Samsung 931B Monitor for 249.00 no rebates, I think thats a really good deal @ Best Buy. I wonder if the Verbatim + are on sale also, it says just the dash.

thanks ripit! I was starting to get worried that something happened to you! :slight_smile:

the differences on the CC scans are negligible so I’d go with chichever method was quicker/easier for you to do, but here’s my official feedpack.

page 1 - scan 2 is slightly clearer, but not enough to say there’s any difference in readability even on the small print.

page 2 - scan 2 is much better than scan 1 for the fine print. it’s clearer and almost seems a little brighter

page 3 - maybe my eyes are shot afte rscrutinizing the first 2 pages, but i can’t tell the difference at all.

i hope that was at least a little helpful. thanks again!

Opps. Page 2 and 3 are out. They are png files instead of the normal jpg I use and I just realized that the file size is 20 times larger for the same resolution! I had though png files were small so I may have to look into the settings for png a little. Page 1 was edge sharpened so if it is even a little clearer I think I’ll start doing that. It would take no effort as I would just have to add that step to my photoshop actions (all images are currently processed in photoshop and have been for quite a while). I’ll hopefully be bumping up scan resolution by next week (not final resolution though) as it seems to compensate a little for my crappy 30$ scanner.

don’t take my word for it…i don’t have the best eyes in the world. i’m sure others will be able to give some more feedback as well…(you should post this in the 1-click forum ;)…one guy did a comparison showing how much better 1-click was than clonedvd2 and he swore it was definitive proof, but i couldn’t tell the difference at ALL so who knows that that says about my eyesight haha)

Thanks ripit!!

Always appreciate your time and effort, no one cares if it’s late or not so make
youself another Whisky err Coffee :slight_smile:

Would it make a difference in quality if you scanned things as .png instead of .jpg?

Thanks as always for the scans.

Edit: Page 2 has much cleaner text than the first page.

What I have been doing is scanning with paperport (because it is the only scan software that I am aware of that even works with these crappy visioneer scanners) and it uses its own propritary format. I then export as an uncompressed tiff as paperports jpg compression really sucks. Then I do whatever resizing, rotation and conversion to whatever file format in photoshop. I use photoshop actions so that I can apply several functions with one button stroke. So far as I know, there is no beter way with this scanner. I have tried working directlly in photoshop which still has to use the scan manager to import, and there is no improvment (worse in fact) so I’m thinking it can only scan in its own format and then converts. then again, I really have been just figuring it out as I go so maybe I missed something.

Lol, I gotta work tomorow or it probably would be wiskey!!!

how does that HP 8305 17" lappy @ circuitcity compare to the duo core lappys from Dell? the only thing that bothers me with HP is that thier video cards are not upgradeable compared to dell( HP has ATI x200 which is crap nowdays)

Look like nothing interesting on sale this week.

Anyone has any idea what type of dvd burner is included with that Acer laptop on sale at Circuit City??? I may just grab that laptop, looks like a good deal.

Thanks Ripit for your hard work
Another week of money saving, I mean I save money when there is no extraordinary deal. All the media this week are all the same, some crappy HP and MEMOREX, and typical Verbatim for $14.99 price. I guess I am staying home and suffer the summer heat tomorrow. Normally I am hoping for good deal so I can go shopping, too hot to stay at home since the shopping mall has AC at full blast.

How much coffee you drink man? I love that stuff! Best drink since beer. LOL

The TDK CDRs in the 30 pack at Wallgreens @ 2 for $10 are MIT CMC Mag. The ones I got burn extremely well. Probably some of the best CDRs I’ve ever had. The 50 packs for$6.99 at all the CCs I went to were all MII, Moser Baer. They are not as clean looking (different graphics) and don’t burn quite as good as the CMCs but are still excellent CDRs IMO. I was very impressed with the quality of both. :slight_smile:

Walgreens also clearance out Sony DVD media in jewel case. Not cheap enough yet but keep an eye on them. Currently they are marked down to $10 for 20 in jewel case 8X sony. The next mark down is gonna be around $5.