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CC has NexXtech DVD+/-R (8X) brand on sale for $9.99 for pack of 50 count made in Hong Kong, I just bought on pack of -R they are MID “UME01” does any one have any experience with this media?.

anyone know the MID of
Staples 50 Pack DVD+R 14.94 and
TDK 16x DVD+R 50 Pack @ CompUSA 14.99?

Does anyone know who makes the Fuji DVD+R DL? They’re on sale at Best Buy $30 for 15. I guess I could buy 'em, scan one and return it if they’re bad media (i.e., not MKM-001) but I’d like to avoid all that.

According to, it could Ritek or Ricoh.

My first burn with this CC NexXtech DVD-R (8X) turned out to be horrible and I am going to return this garbage back. Not worth a penny as far as I am concern.

The Staples brand should be CMC MAG-E01-000. Decent discs.

Staples MAG-E01-000 are not even near decent, they are on the border of acceptable or among the low quality discs. I get over 3k PIF on consistent basis with NECs and BenQs burners. And PIF peaks as high as 10

With the nextech’s, the 25 packs used to be cmc or mcc and we knew how to tell them apart. I guess most of the 50 packs are some made in hong kong crap. The staples disks have been cmc if made in tiawan or mosier baer if made in india. Looking on video help though, it looks like staples might be optidisk or fujifilm too. Tdk 16x shows as having tdk or cmc media codes.

I think I’ll have to go to the store and check it out

My experiences with these discs are quite different. My PIF totals are around 500 and PIF max at 3.

A few comments about the above posts…

Staples CMC Mag E01 - these burn rather consistenly well on my LiteOn 1693SX. They also burn rather well on my BenQ 1620. BUT, on the 1693 I burn at 6x and on the 1620 at 4x. So…I guess it depends on several factors.

RE: Nexxtech media at CC. You -used- to be able to tell by the type of container it came in. I noticed this last week at CC - that some of the MCC and CMC were in the SAME style containers now. I don’t know if this intentional on someones part or not? The only way I picked out the MCC was by looking for the DVR - I47A indication on it.

Anyhow - this MCC 02RG20 media burns great on my BenQ at 4x - however my 1693 doesn’t like it very much at all no matter what speed you burn it at. So, I begin to see why people in this forum have several different drives to burn on. :wink:

I guess its somewhat fun to mess around with all this media, but a lot easier just to buy some GREAT MiJ TY T02 or TYG02 media which both of my drives seem to love!

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