Next weeks ads (02/12/06 US)

Not to much for media this week. Some sony dvd at best buy if you are lucky to find 8x+r made in japan. Personally I think the sony d11’s are pretty good too. There are nextech at circuit city, 10$ for 50. Does anyone recall if we found a reliable way to identify -r mcc in the 50 packs like we could with the 25 packs? Also fuji dual layer 30$ for 15 at best buy. Acording to videohelp they are ritek or ricoh (10 reports if ricoh, 2 reports if ritek). does anyone know how the ricoh compares to verbatium?
Also, it seems bestbuy is running more items with instant savings instead of mail in rebates again. I hope they continue doing this.

Fyi I didn’t get a staples ad (there hasn’t been a staples ad in the early edition for a while now). Target and sears didn’t have any media advertised. Sop here they are.

Thanks again ripit.

I can add that Shopko also has the 16x TDK’s for $14.95 a 50 pack

Ripit, you are awesome.
Not much media on sale this week besides the usual memorex and TDK

They had them last week at Costco for 20.00 per hunded TDK (TTH02) They were not very good.

You could take the BB circular to Staples to match for the Sony 25-pks. Even the local Staples here has Sony, and if I were to buy them, I would buy them from Staples and not the local BBs here. :stuck_out_tongue:

I know my BB has a ton of Sony +R MIJ 50 stacks of 8x. I didn’t bother to look at the 25s the last time I was there.

IIRC -ALL- the 50 packs of nexxtech were Made in Hong Kong. I could -not- find any of the MCC media in a 50 pack last time it was on sale for that price.

I hope this helps!

C ya,

The Staples in my town only carrys the 1-16X Sonys now. No more 8x. They are MIT .

Circuit City also has the Sony 25 packs and 110% price match. Best Buy add will be going for a ride tomorrow. :wink:

Thanks man!

The 30-pack Sony music CD-R at Walgreens are on sale for USD 10, in my local shop it is MIJ, I guess it is TY.

is there a difference between TY branded Fujifilm or TY branded TDK? This might be a strange question but my original TY (silver top) scans are worse than the TY I got branded Fujifilm. Thanks

I now see Staples weekly ad is up. Nothing much just Staples DVD±R 50 packs $14.94

For treasure hunters out there, I mean folks who look for TY, good news for you, Fry’s Electronics has 30 3 separate spindles of 10 Fuji for $9.99, thats their every day price. I was able to find a few MIJ spindles. Here is a quick hint for locating MIJ spindles without turning the spindle around to find the word “Made in Japan”. Those MIJ spindles, has dark orange spindle base, the middle spindle has dark green, and top spindle has dark blue color. For MIT spindle, the bottom spindle base has light yellow color, the middle spindle has light green, and top spindle has light blue color. So if you see dark orange spindle base on the bottom spindle, grab it then confirm where it is made. Hope that helps. And if any1 lives in Southern Calif, dont go to Fountain Valley Fry’s Electronics because I bought every MIJ spindle, costs me over $150.

ghetocowboy I see you already posted the staples ad, opps my bad…

Good tip on the fuji’'s. I have to get to Best Buy as has been reported they have them for $9.99 also.

My Staples no longer carries ANY Fuji DVD media, to bad because they always had plenty of MIJ

MegaDETH, I went to a few Bestbuys and I Haven’t seen the 30 spindle Jujis, all I found at BB is the 50 spindle silver color blue packaging and 100 disc spindle. The 30 spindles are the colorful spindles with colorful discs, most are MIJ and some are MIT, use the coloring of the spindle to pick out the MIJs. The newer 30 disc spindle has silver gray discs and they are prodiscs, all MIT.

Is the 6600 AGP card at Best Buy worth it??? I currently have a 5700LE 256mb card.

What CPU you have and what games you play?

I have a Barton XP 2500, 1 gig of ram and I am currently playing Call of Duty 2, Quake 4 and UT2K4.