Next weeks ads (01/22/06 US)

Christmas was defanatlly a challenge due to the large number of ads. I started scanning at 150 dpi (resized to 100dpi) instead of 250dpi (resized to 100 dpi), because it is so much faster (and no complaints yet so I’m still doing it). If the item numbers are too hard to read, please, please say so (thats the only reason that they need to be beter, without the item numbers, you guys cannot look the items up and know exactlly what is on sale, and franklly, it defanatlly matters).
So I’m late, really late (seems I have been late every week since christmas, always some problem or crisis, lol!). I know you guys forgive me and appreciate my hard work, but franklly, I make a point to get these ads out at all costs so that you can defanatlly know, they will be here (beter late than never, right?).

Anyway, I didn’t look at the the ads that close, but it seems, for media there is office depot brand very cheap (and it is probably cmc or ricoh which is usable, not like that compusa crap, princo, infodisk etc. ).

The only good bet I saw was bestbuy with fuji with 25 packs for 8$. Time for you ty hunters to go checking for made in japan packs. Dont worry if you have not found any fuji ty latlly though, the media fairy is watching. She says, if you take the effort to go to your local store, and just look for that ty, I’ll give you a little treat since you couldn’t get your ty… Verbatium 50 packs for 15$!!!

There is also a rebadged burner for 25$???
(edit, it might have seemed like I meant there was a burner at bestbuy for 25$ since it followed coments about bestbuy, but I really meant, there is a burner for 25 ar, somewhere).

Anyway, lots of things to deal with so I’ll shut up and quit boring you people and delaying the ad and just post it.

Fyi I know there is at least one rotated image (maybe more), and a few double images. I probably wont fix them tonight (like I said, I got a disaster to deal with). I am fairlly certain that all the pages that I intended to scan are there (I noticed the double scans/rotated pages right when they happened), but didn’t feel like fixing them. All the good info should be there though.

Thanks again “ripit” for all the hard work!!!

I am off to Best Buy on Monday for those Verbatims and Fuji’s.

Thanks ripit

Found this at It shows last weeks add but gives you the option of ad for 01/22 at least for my zip code. Click on “view upcoming circular” :slight_smile:

Staples in my area, orange county, CA, the only media on sale is Staples brand…

25pk for $7.94 ----> Crap media for a crappy price. No thank you.

Looks like the best deal is BB 50pk Verbs for $15. Unless you can find MIJ Fuji 25pks for $8 at BB.

They are perfect.

Thanks a lot ripit.

Thanks for the response. Unlike the old days when I first started doing this (and previewed each and every single page, including diffrent jpeg compression for each page, and skipped most of the ads (media and drives only)), which I’m sure zevia knows about cause he helped me with plenty of it), my process is automated (a little, still kind of half ass but plenty automated compared to doing it all manually).
My point was that I apply a blanket routine when processing images so some of the hareder to read text is barlly readable while some of the easy read text is golden clear. since the same compression, resolution etc is applied to all images I try to shoot for small print, hard to read item numbers being just readable (but readable). Obviouslly bigger texts ads are quite readable. If you can at least zoom in on the harder to read ad’s, and read the item number (for particular items you are interested in, then it’s good.

Thanks zevia for the check!!!

The Digital Max drive from Office Max is actually a rebadge Lite-On 1635s and can easily be flashed to a real Lite-On. This is an incredible deal for a Lite-On 1635s if you don’t mind dealing with the 30 rebate hassle.

Almost forgot, it comes with 2 faceplate.

Anyone have any ideas about the Norwood drive at CompUSA? I know at point they were said to be BenQ 1640’s…

All the Norwood drive I have seen have a spec of 12x DVD-R so that would immediately cross it out as being a BenQ 1640. . This is of course assuming that the drive matches the specs of the box.

It’s a compusa brand (they are usally kind of hard to find info on, they don’t even have a website). I have in my hand a box for a norwood micro capture card, and guess where the waranty is? Yea, thats right, thier wopping 90 day waranty says return to compusa for the warranty…Us logic seems to be another (got a divx player). I replaced it with a phillips, intended to return the us logic, but you know, some bad luck and I missed the window to return. When you search some of these names, you come up with all kinds of equipment, and they always seem to be sold by compusa???
NOrwood micro makes several diffrent products, and guess who sells them (In every case)??? They are really tough to find the oem cause nobody has owned them (at least under that name).
What does compusa rebrand as dvd drives???


Thanks as always, ripit.

If you apply all the angles it’s only $15.00 after instant/coupon/rebate !!!

Instant -$15.00
OD coupon -$10 of of $50
Rebate -$30

!!! Great Deal !!!

beach hobo,

Where do you get the coupon for $10 off of $50 for office max?


I used a OD coupon at OM…
Here is the link…

Thanks again, ripit, for all the effort. Hope things work out for your wife. That was a tough break and I feel for you.

Argh… The Fuji’s I got from Best Buy were Prodisc media. :doh: Fortunately, I hear they burn well in the 1640, so no big loss. Thank God I picked up the Verbatim’s too. And I still have some change left on my gift card for another day :bigsmile:

hey andrew:
if you don’t like the dvd’s from bb, just return them. even the ones that you have burnt. i’ve done it plenty o times. never really had a problem. returned dvd’s to bestbuy, office max, staples, and most recently compusa.

I don’t care what drive it is, I wouldn’t touch any Prodisc media after the durability results that I have had.