Next week 2/19 media deals staples and OM

staples will have PLAYO + and - on sale looks like AML 002 :Z for $5 a 50pk out the door.

OM is having another Verby sale 50 pk 16x @ 14.99. and OM brand for 11.99
OM has a 10 off 75 coupon so the math would work like this:

5*15 = 75 - 10 = 65 for 250 verb mcc004 = 26¢

7*11.99 = 83.93 - 10 = 73.93 for 350 = 21¢
cmc or mbi depending on your store stock

WoWWW!!!, you get your news this early, you must have friends working for office supply stores.

You have to add a filler item to get to $75 because each spindle is $14.99, not $15. I was hoping Staples having another staples brand for $6.99. I am due for cheap media, almost out since the last time they have staples brand on sale for $6.95 per 50

yeah if you have any empty ink you can get $3 off each so 5 becomes 2 i think i will get a few of the aml’s and if they are bad i will toss them.

Thanks for the heads up. I have too much so so media that I got really cheap already so if anything, it’s going to be some more verbatims for me. Still, for 10 cents a disk, it’s tempting to get a pack, just to try them.

Is it Office Max or Office Depot that also has the ink cart. discount?

It’s Staples.

I know about Staples but I thought someone else had it for I think $2 off.

edit: It was Office Depot a few weeks ago, a one time deal I think.

I think it was Office Depot too but I remember that it was $5. I may be wrong though.

OD most of the time give you a ream of paper for an empty ink cartdridge, and they dont take epson/canon multi-ink-cartdridge system unless you go to the cashier that doesn’t know anything then you might be able to get a ream of paper for an empty epson/canon ink cartdridge

Does anyone know what kind of media the OfficeMax 16x DVD+R’s are? Since the OfficeMax around here was sold out of the Verbatim 16x DVD+R (they only had the -R available) they gave me the 50pack spindle of the OM 16x DVD+R’s for $14.99 so Id like to know if they are any good or better than the Verbs…

Get a refund, the OfficeMax are most likely Ritek GO5 or CMC E01 both burn fine for cheap media but not in the same class with Verbatim. I would rather have the Verbatim -R over the two previous mentioned media codes. Verbatim +R works very well for my drives.

Thanks, Ill return them…

Last time I bought OM discs, they were Moser Baer.

I don’t see any listing on Videohelp as to what media code the OM 16x DVD+R’s are.

Anyone know?

the case and spacers on top looked like cmc so maybe cmc m01?

I’m curious too. The mcc -r seems more comon rebranded with the mega cheap brands (nexxtec as an example). I don’t see +r mcc rebranded with the cheap brands as much (I look for it cause I prefer +r). Since it’s 16x, I’m guessing ricoh (wild guess without reason). I would go pick up a pack, but they closed the office max in irving a while back. I have to go to los colinas (same pain in the ass trip that I have to do to go to frys), and inevatably, even if I plan 2hr’s for the trip, I’m late getting ready so 1.5 hr’s. Trafic is bad, problems in the store, etc, and I’m always late for work. Same thing with microcenter. I left today(yesturday), with 1.5 hours. Plenty of time. Traffic (no major slowdowns but minor ones all along the way). Get there, walk in find what I want easy (verbatim 16x printable for 18$ per 50). Actually take the time to pick up 4 ads (gave one to someone at work tonight). Drive back, everything is fine, then the highway comes to a stop. I’m screwed. There has to be an accident at the 35/635 interchange. So 25 minutes later, after traveling about 2 miles during that 25 minutes, what do I get??? No accident, no nothing. I hit 35 and it is full speed (full speed in city daytime trafic is 45mph or 80 mph, nothing inbetween) and I got both at points). So I’'m 9 minutes late for work (6 minutes+ is fatal), cause a 45 minute trip took 2 hrs!!!
Fry’s, office max and microcenter. Special trips only. Every time something complicates it and it takes forever. Still, I just went on vacation for a week so I could spare the time, but seeing as I just got an epson r300 (dvd printing), will I go to see what the 16x+r are??? Most likelly not, but you never know… 'If they were delivered to my door or were even local, I might guinee pig and try em so ypou guys know what they were. As I’m on vacation, I might, but if someone else feels like beating me to the punch???

[QUOTE=cnlson]staples will have PLAYO + and - on sale looks like AML 002 :Z for $5 a 50pk out the door.

OM is having another Verby sale 50 pk 16x @ 14.99. and OM brand for 11.99
OM has a …

I bought the Playo china +r 8x for $5 and I am very impressed. They burn flawlessly in a benq1655 ( as does almost anything), my nec 3550 and even my hotrodded nec 2500->2510hack. Better than fiji (ritekF1) 8x -r and way way better than sony mij 8x -r. I returned the -r sonys for the +r but I think the playos may even be better than the +r sonys. Of course the mij verbatim +r 16x mcc are outstanding. Although I get a Quality score on the verbatims of 97-99% I find the playos run 93-97% quality. Oh, I burned the 8x playos at 16x with no noticable quality change. They just keep to the mid 90’s %.
If you have a decent burner I say try a pack.
Hope this helps someone.

You hit the nail on the head, thats exactly what the last one I got were.

any scans in your 3540? i don’t think they burn in the 3500 i have