Next Version of CloneDVD Mobile Release Date?

When will the next version of CloneDVD Mobile be out, with the fixed error and added features?

When it is ready :bigsmile:
If you purchased it, you will probably receive a mail from slysoft when it´s out :iagree:

I am hoping its out soon also as the Audio problems definately need fixing.

Slysoft have an excellent record for updating software quickly and regularly so hopefully they will sort this soon.

CloneDVD mobile is maintained by one of my fellow coworkers. He has done many changes and improvements, but unfortunately he got very sick before his work could be released. He had to stay in the hospital for a while, but he should be back soon. I cannot tell you a release date, but from what I know the .mp4 problems should all be solved already (subtitles, out of sync problems).

My best wishes. I hope he will be fine again soon. :flower:

Hope he gets well.

well that’s good to hear
hope he get’s better soon

Thanks for replying James, as many of us have been wondering.
Please convey our wishes for a speedy & complete recovery. :flower: