Next to the Quality bar



Where is says:

Mini DVD

My question is, which do I choose? I have a typical 4.7GB DVD-R.
Also, what is a DVD+R DL? I never heard of that.


You will choose the DVD-5, that is the setting for your 4.7 blank DVD.

DVD+R DL is for the Dual Layer, +R’s are only DL


As you can see from my previous thread that you so kindly helped me in,
I’m trying to learn as much as I can, trying to soke up all this info.

You’re really making it easier on me, I appreciate all your help.

Thanks man.


No problem, ask away, hopefully you will use the search option before you start really asking…lol… :wink:

We were all new to this at one point and time… :smiley: