Next Plextor drive, purchase decision help

Hello this is my first post.

Recently I have begun to care alot of my cd/dvd quality of burns/extraction. I have the audio extraction part down, still researching movie extraction and now am looking at burn quality.

The main purpose of this thread is to help me decide what burner to purchase for my next computer. In the past I have made it a rule of thumb to purchase nothing but Lite-on and Plextor.

I currently own a PX-716SA (and a Lite-On LH-20A1H) and I love it. Initially I had nothing but problems with it but that was all do to my Silicon chipset not handling optical drives properly. So I put it on the Intel chipset and its worked perfect ever since. I have gotten bad burns (mainly dvd backups) when using maxell media but have since only used Verbatim +R media with the occasional Sony media and I have never had a bad burn since. (except for audio… for some reason when burning audio with nero there is skips but when burning with itunes its fine…)

My biggest thing is it has to be SATA. I do not want IDE anywhere near my computer. So from what I can tell the only choices I have are PX-755SA and PX-716SA. Which one would you recommend and why and are there other choices?

From the reviews I have read it seems the 755SA is the better reader with the 716SA being the better writer.

On a final note I use Nero 7 and I update it everytime a update comes out. Should I be using different software? And how can I check to quality of my burns to verify that my drive is working the way it should?

Your Plextor drive should have come with PlexTools, you can use the Q-Check functions to test burn quality. IMO the 755SA is a better burner than the 716SA at 16x; 8x and below is a tossup. If you live in Europe or Asia the 760SA is also an option.

Canada here, so 760SA is not an option :frowning:

Hello and welcome Tkaya !

If you go for the PX755SA (i have the ata one and it’s indeed a good burner) you will receive with the drive plextools professional and with it you can do quality check.

You can also buy plextools XL .

Third possibility is to flash the drive with an unprotected firmware and you can use PXScan; a free utility that run on windows AND linux.

if you have questions about these softwares just read the threads in this forums; all the answers is here!

Well I got the PX-755SA a couple months ago but due to ongoing computer problems I haven’t had a chance to fully it test it…

However last week it stopped working. I walked by the computer and saw the LED on the drive flashing 3 times repeatedly and found that it would not read the disc that was in there. I ejected and tried again and same thing. I rebooted and same thing. Tried a DVD movie… it worke… tried the other disc and it did the same thing. So then I put oblivion in and it didn’t work… then I tried booting to a windows xp cd and it just sat there trying to boot to it forever…

I got it to boot memtest once… but that was it. I also tried the drive in another computer (same sata controller however) But for the past two months I have been using it to install windows and games with no problems… I have not burned a single disc with it.

Any ideas? The retailer I bought it from only has 30 days warranty so I have the RMA form for Plextor filled out and am ready to send that off if need be… was thinking of trying the latest firmware and seeing if maybe that helps…

If you’re getting the pretty blinky lights when you load a disc, no firmware in the world is going to help I’m afraid. Back to Plextor it goes!

Some times it blinks green, some times it blinks orange…