Next NEC burner - any information?

Hi all,

I did make a search but got no result for information on the next Nec burner, a successor to the 3500AG.

Is there really nothing in preparation in response to the Plextor 716, the Pioneer A09 and other LG 1662 (or 1663?)

Would it mean that new features like -R DL, 8X +RW could be offered through firmware updates ? (I’m born optimistic :slight_smile: )

Anyone has an insight or leaked information ?

You mean Plextor 716 and the LG 4163, right? :confused:

I can see a new NEC drive arriving long before new official f/w for the 3500 :frowning: Seems NEC think a f/w upgrade means buying a new drive :eek:

Namoh :

My bad. I’ll edit.


I use a 2500@2510, so the worst case is not sure :wink: