Next LiteOn burner (with fixed Mediatek bugs)?

I was under the impression that 1653s was supposed to have a different chipset revision from Mediatek with some of the bugs ironed out. As I look around the forums, this seems not to be the case (or am I wrong?).

Does anybody know when LiteOn will come out with a new design using a new chipset? I.e. not just one that is ‘firmware uprgaded’ and shipped out in a different cardboard box :slight_smile:

ISTR that they would skip the 4 (unlucky?) and the next series would be the “5S”.

It would be inconsistent to change the primary chipset without changing the final digit.

I probably read it here, but:
The first number (1-2 digit) is the speed: 4, 8, 12, 16
The second number has been:
0 for single format (401S)
1 for dual format (many)
3 for DL support (many)
5 for “revised” (451S, 851S - dual, 1653S - DL)
The third is the chipset.

So we can predict that the next drive with a new chipset will be called:
SOHW-1615S (in dual format)
SOHW-1635S (or maybe 1655S) in DL - or they might shock us with a 6 or 7, if does get faster +/-RW as well

That it will do 16x on +R is a given (nobody will launch anything less)
It may well do 16x on -R as well - the competition are getting there NOW - 12x would be marked as a weakness.
It will have to do 4x on DL - if speeds aren’t pushed further
It may well bring in 8x on +RW, and perhaps 6x on -RW … it’s something they have to be aiming for

Thanks! Apparently no info on release dates yet?

My understanding is that there will be yet another another 3S drive… and it’s possible that this drive may be to the rest of the 3S what the 51S was to the rest of the 1S.

Don’t quote me on any of this. LO has a long history of changing their minds.

1673: 11/04
1693: Q-1 '05
1615: Q-2 '05
16S5: (SATA) Q-4 '05

The 1673/93 may have a new revision of the same chipsets, but the new chipset is not due till the 5 series is made. By the time that happens, BlueRay will be very close. In other words, don’t hold your breath. :sad:

Thanks for the info!

We do have some info that the 1673 will have a different chipset, but whether it’s just a modified version of the same thing or completely new remains to be seen.

I thought the 1655 would be the new asskicking Lite-On drive? :confused:

I’ve read it here somewhere, if not mistaken.

Any sight of the 1673?

SHOW-1635S, SHOW-1673S, SHOW-1693S, SHOW-1893S, SHOW-812S, SOHW-0833S, SOHW-1210S, SOHW-1213S, SOHW-1253S, SOHW-1613S, SOHW-1613Y, SOHW-1614S, SOHW-1615S, SOHW-1633S, SOHW-1635S, SOHW-1673S, SOHW-1693S, SOHW-16B3S, SOHW-16S5S, SOHW-1893S, SOHW-812S, SOHW-813S, SOHW-832S, SOHW-833S, SOHW-852S, SOHW-853S, SOLW-891, SOXW-1696X, SOHW-822S VPPE


What the… :rolleyes:

So we will see 4 new 16x drives.

SOHW-1893S … does this mean we will see an 18x Lite-On burner??

Does anyone know some “on-official” specs?

Yes. Someone contacted LiteOn support and they said that it’ll be the drive that will be replacing the 1633S in the USA (skipping 1653S). Different chipset, not crossflashable.

As Kenny is so apt to point out (see his sig ;)), there are now P-CAV 16x drives, which are, of course, faster than CAV 16x. But P-CAV 16x must imply that the rotational speed is faster than what would be used for CAV 16x in order to get it to ramp up to 16x early enough to have a flatline area. Which means that, if you don’t flatten out and go even faster, you’d probably be hitting CAV 18x. So this doesn’t surprise me.

This is pretty much like 48x vs. 52x for CDs. At first, the industry thought that 48x would be the fastest that things would go. But then they decided to push it a bit more, increase the risk of disc explosion, decrease the burn time by a miniscule amount, but gain lots of marketing muscle with a “52x”.

I’ve never doubted my decision to leave my Litey 4812s@4824s instead of 5232s :wink:

Some 16x burners are already getting very close to 17x, so I seriously doubt that P-CAV will be faster than CAV in any meaningful way. Just bragging rights, like the short-lived 54x CD burners. The only possible advantage would be some potential improvement in burn quality at the different rotational speed. ( a slim chance at best)

I totally agree. This talk of an 18X burner from LiteOn is scary. Burn quality improvement would be the best thing LiteOn could do. Perhaps they should consider getting 16X right first. Let’s hope the 1673 will be a better effort than the other drives.