Next LG Chocolate screen is 21:9

I just posted the article Next LG Chocolate screen is 21:9.

LG won’t say this officially, but rumor has it the next-generation Chocolate phone will sport a unique aspect ratio of 21:9.

This comes from the usually reliable Dutch Web site Tweakers, which got…

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i need the 64:3 the 21:9 is OLD !! :Z

Touting a 5 megapixel or greater camera in a phone is stupid. It’s not the resolution of the electronics that makes a good picture, it’s the optics.
I once had a 3 megapixel Canon digital camera and then bought a 5 megapixel Sony. The pictures from the Canon were better, mainly because the Canon had better optics.
Phones all have small, crappy lenses, so the resolution is not very important. If you buy a phone only because it has a 5 megapixel camera, you are using poor decision-making skills.