“Next large update to Windows 10 scheduled for March 2017”



We’ve just posted the following news: “Next large update to Windows 10 scheduled for March 2017”[newsimage]http://www.myce.com/wp-content/images_posts/2015/07/myce-windows-10-here-95x75.png[/newsimage]

The next large update to Windows 10 will be released in March 2017, according to code found in Windows 10 by Microsoft watcher h0x0d. The successor to Windows 10 Anniversary update will reportedly get version number 1703 which would indicate March.

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I can sense part itt now… Â More spying on the users and more ads…


You can disable telemetry and what not.   The part I don’t like is how these big updates, are more like a fresh OS install than an update.  It resets stuff like telemetry, smb settings etc… Breaks a few programs.  Why keep fundamentally changing the OS once or twice a year. I’d rather keep getting the smaller monthly updates and if they have some new features to rollout only do it every couple of years and try to do it without making it an OS reinstall.


Well, as the earth turns, the trouble with the universal platform is the lack of user preference taking place. We have all heard it, the ‘needed’ certificate keeps it secure… It most certainly does not, it puts user choice down to minimum in the privacy department. It is enough for the application to declare the need to your user data to get it… From a privacy perspective, where is the security of that? Nowhere to be found I’m afraid, but that is where it’s at! - still you search the store … Don’t you… My advice is to stop until it is too late of course, but will it matter?


still you search the store … Don’t you…

Nope…I don’t…:bigsmile:
In fact,I uninstalled every app on my Win 10 Pro setup,took ownership of the C:\Program Files\WindowsApps folder and deleted every app folder remnant…:bigsmile: