Next-generation DVD formats rally support inc. Game makers

I just posted the article Next-generation DVD formats rally support inc. Game makers.

  Which  one of the next generation storing formats will become the dominating format in  the future? One question, many opinions and no real answer, but the war goes in  its final rounds and we...
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end of the year!!! Great, so i’ll need to spend 3/4 of my life savings on a player, and the rest on buying superman, batman, ER etc etc again, for the third time!!! :r

Most PC games are still being released in CD format. The battle will be over by the time EA starts publishing games on either Blu-Ray or HD-DVD.

This is the same BS they pulled when DVD first came out. Another smokescreen for everyone. Only people that will support this is the consoles. No one else.

And I think the next gen consoles are already decided aren’t they? I can’t remember who’s using which format though…

Sony’s PS2 is blu-ray, no doubts there. The Xbox is almost certain to be HD-DVD. This is good in a way, particularly if you are planning to buy both consoles as you will have players capable of reading either of the formats. I dont really see the limited capacity of HD-DVD being an issue for games though. If there is going to be a game bigger than 30 gigs I would like to know what it is. However, the advantages of blu-ray are to be found in the computer and movie scene. Unfortunately, some of the movie companies can’t see that.

true FreqNasty, but more space means they can use higher res textures :slight_smile:

errr hmm where does the poor man stand in all this ? i know with is hand out unless they get the pricing structure right then again only the middle upper class can afford it as usual never mind just got an x box 1 for £99 took me 18 months to save for this us poor people never seem to get on do we :frowning:

Higher resolution textures and video in high definition. That takes up space. I personally think one should never say “this is too much capacity”. We’ve seen it with all storage devices, HDD, CD, DVD… They all ultimately become obsolete, and surprisingly fast.

Want to know who will win? Just wait until Vivid Video chooses a format. There is only one reliable driver of next generation technology…:slight_smile:

…not to mention my 200 USD per month wage :frowning: