Next Generation DVD Authoring: Why Blu-ray Disc is Better Than HD DVD

I just posted the article Next Generation DVD Authoring: Why Blu-ray Disc is Better Than HD DVD.

   The battle is officially on and each side has had its ups and downs, but the  debate over "which is better" has mainly been confined to the realm of video  playback, quality, and consumer...
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Fix the link. Interested in finding out what the difference will be. Not that there will likely be much for consumers…

Link fixed. Kink in our system…sorry!

Well this is most interesting! I am wondering if this truly is slanted or opinionated. Or if Blu-ray has more functionality for the author and end user. It would also be interesting to see some of these extra functions e.g the animated popups. (as long as they are not abused coughs) Is there a similar article anywhere on HD-DVD authoring and the possibilities for that format?

Blu-Ray is going to win because it’s an American product, written by American programmers, designed on American soil. By the way. It’s not J2ME. It’s J2ME + JMF + a lot of other stuff to get it to interact with BD. A J2ME/J2EE/J#/C# hybrid you might say.

HD-DVD is more American then BD which is not saying much. The head Companies are mostly Japanese, but techs like VC-1 and iHD the defacto codec and interface software was devloped by Microsoft. BD-J is Java but devloped by I believe Panasonic which again is japanese, and both Mpeg2 and Mpeg4-AVC are codecs designed and patented mostly by Japanese companies. So no, neither of these were devloped in America, none of the discs are produced in America and about the only thing American about Blu-Ray is the companies releasing movies. Which only 1 (Warner who has 5x as many HD-DVD titles) them is american. Sony/Columbia/Tristar is japanese, the MGM titles are distrobuted through Sony, and Lionsgate is Canadian. Fox and Disney (actually I think Fox is now Australian) when they actually start shipping Blu-Ray will be american. Universal, Warner, Paramount, BCI, and HD-Net are all american companies releasing movie on HD-DVD.

Sorry Since the Eighties News Corp had been an Australian company and in 2004, the company incorperated itself as a US company but its stock is still available for purchase in Australia.

what a conclusion, lol

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Topweasel, that is correct. it’s probably much more an Australian company than an American company. If I’m not mistaken, stock was shifted around pretty much for show so NewsCorp could have enough non-foreign ownership to be recognized as an American company (and didn’t good old Rupert apply for citizenship rights in America?) either way, they satisfied the FCC/SEC requirements, but it’s certainly all just for show!

Guess the guy has never used a webpage editor. Which lets you nice things without having to actually code it yourself. And since iHD seems to use web code, it shouldn’t be too hard to do.

I have been a fan of the Blue Ray disk since I first heard of it, IMO HD-DVD is the last drop squeezed out of an old tech, where as Blue Ray is the first go with a new tech and I can only see it getting better. The only reason I can see me from not getting involved (when its a more realistic price) is if there issome silly copy protection, nasty break-your-box-Sony style DRM, and if this is the case then I will not be interested in either type. I am just a consumer that wants more space for the money I dont want to try to bring down the movie industry as we know it by watching some high priced film that I would not go to the cinema to see any way.