Next gen iPods may be flash based from end of 2007

I just posted the article Next gen iPods may be flash based from end of 2007.

Going by this AppleInsider report, it looks like Apple may be preparing to switch from hard drive based storage to solid-state flash based storage in its flagship iPod series as soon as the end…

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Love the way they always just specify the maximum flash size out there as the limit to what these devices could have for memory. Anyone remember maths class… 2xA = 2A 2x32 = 64Gb. 4x32 = 128Gb and the size would still physically be quite small and it’d be shock resistant!

I think Apple should stick to HDD based players at least for another year until flash memory prices dropped enough. By then there should be capacities past the 80gb of the high end iPod video. Otherwise the prices of the iPods will be higher than they are now!

it doesn’t say that is the maximum flash memory, it says 32GB of flash storage would be considered COST-FEASIBLE

Mhmm, the key here is cost feasible. Sure I can make an iPod with 128Gb - but currently 4Gb costs ~ AU$55 if we’re talking about the cheapest flash available of no brand and poor quality. Now, making 128Gb = 32 units, also means AU$1760 just for the memory. Also, more flash = more power to eat. More loss too, say if a chip goes bad fast, since they have overwrite limits which I have reached with a few cards. Never trust the 100,000 they quote, sometimes it’s significantly less. Would you honestly pay that much for a player? Would you risk losing it?