Next-gen HD by 2020

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On Sunday Super Hi-Vision, developed by NHK, was exhibited at IBC 2008 in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Super Hi-Vision is expected to be the next generation in high-definition and…

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Hmm, 8K resolution. We are barely reaching 1K now (1080p). Only handfull of people own 4K but now 8K. hmm… The gap between the owners and non owners are widening. :smiley:

It will be 2020 before todays HD programming is in every home around the developed world–“SuperHiVision”, aside from having a super stupid name, is a gimmick, destined to take its place in history alongside “Quadrophonic Sound” and “Super Audio CD/DVD Audio”.

It will take them until 2020 to develope DRM that is aproved by Hollyweird before it can go on sale…

Holy crap, how big of a TV would you need to benefit from a resolution higher than 1080p? probably 80 to 100 inches? How big is the average tv going to need to be to really benefit?