Next-Gen DVD to use analog HDTV Output until 2011 in Japan



I just posted the article Next-Gen DVD to use analog HDTV Output until 2011 in Japan.

D4rk0n3 used our news submit to tell us over at NE Asia Online they are reporting an outline has
been announced for the implementation regulations concerning Advanced Access
Content System or…

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Great. How do I buy a player in Japan (w/o going there)?
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AACS Advanced Automatic Consumer Screwing - Apple employee quote (sorry, I forget his name)


I’d to buy a new PC monitor just 2 1/2 month ago. It has got a DVI-D and 2 RGB terminals but, if these peoples ideas go ahead, it would be useless because the requirement should be HDMI/HDCP terminals…crazy, just crazy! If new formats drives require that to play users home films and backup data, they can count on a first day buyer this side… …the only problem is I have to use the criteria I addopted for copy preotected music CDs…as the law allows me fair use, I can’t recognize a company to take it out from me and…on the top of it, receiving my money. This way they already lost a good number of CD sales.


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No need to be sorry-we understood you perfectly. :slight_smile:


You know this is very funny. The US touts Human Rights all the time. But if you just look, this is racism at it’s purist. LOL. How can Japanese be allowed to have full resolution over analog, while Americans cannot. Human Rights my ass. If I had as much money as the MPAA, I would sue for violation of my Human Rights as a human. Of course, I guess if they were in charge of the Declaration of Independence, we prob wouldn’t have a Bill of Rights at all, lol. Edit: Changed ethnic description
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It can at least be said that the MPAA and the RIAA are not stingy.They are willing to share their fortunes with any member of the freely elected American government whether federal,state or municiple. Sony may be a Japanese TV and player manufacturer that will try to accelerate the change over.They’re in need of a good man to head the Sony team.I recommend a guy from Texas named DeLay.