Next-Gen DVD Format War Wastes Everyone's Time

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The way this article presents the current back-and-forth between HD-DVD and Blu-ray, it certainly does cast the light on this that we…

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I love that quote from the article: “The only good news here is that at least this format war will keep Michael Bay pissed off all year.” :d

I totally missed that, too. LOL.

I think consumer choice is necessary to properly regulate corporate strategy. How expensive would Blu-Ray still be if HD-DVD didn’t exist?

There’s nothing in these 2 pages of fluff. Time to open 75 year mortgage and retire.

The odd thing is that there’s no indication the consumer wanted the Blu-ray nor HD-DVD format in the first place–Sony basically decided on it (from the appearances of things) and put it out on the market if the consumer wanted it or not. Then the HD-DVD was made to essentially ‘combat’ the Blu-ray format. Besides, the Blu-ray format was riddled with DRM and really difficult copy protections, something that (at least the copy protections) is still true to this day. According to the article itself, this was a unilateral move on the companies’ part, not because the consumers were pushing for it.