Next DVD Burner



OK, I am sick of having my backed up dvd’s glitchey and some not even working. I am upgrading my dvd burner and getting more ram.

My current dvd burner is just a basic I/O Magic 4x Dual dvd burner.
My current ram is 512 DDR333 lol

I will be getting another 512 mb
My question now is what dvd burner. I see some Sony dvd burners on Sundays that are only like $120 after rebate and there dual layer 8X dvd burner, are they any good ?
Here are some on the internet I am looking at:::

Sony DVD Burner
Samsung DVD Burner
Another Sony Burner

Any other sites/burners I would love to see

Thanks Jim


I like my GSA LG-4163B.

$60.00 at


why are people going to ebay to buy stuff? the price are all jacked up!!


They aren’t all good shoppers.


I was looking for a dual layer burner also. Might as well get that too, those discs will come down in price sooner or later lol

Also it just occured to me, it doesnt matter if you have two different brands of ram in your pc right. Just as long as the 512 DDR333 and pc2700 are right ?

I was just using ebay to get some quick prices an references. I would be shopping at newegg or supermediastore

Isnt there a dual layer 8X dvd burner from i/o magic or should I stay away from them.

One more lol, should I wait till next sunday and get one or just now on the internet ???