Next drive after 3520A?

Anyone heard of the next release from NEC? I want to get the latest and greatest soon but not if its gonna be upgraded next month.

NEC 3530.It’s just around the corner.

I’ll probably be using my trusty NEC ND3500AG until it dies. :slight_smile: By then the NEC ND4500AG should be out for a replacement, lol. hehe - and what Nosmartz said - 3530 will be the next drive from our friends at NEC - hopefully will be a good one. :wink:

I suppose the features will just be some updated writing/read speeds. Anyone know for sure? Can u be more specific than around the corner, i need to get a new drive soon since my other one had a bad flash and died :sad:

Yo b0nd18t-

I would try getting a NEC ND-3500a before they are gone out of the supply pipeline-

A proven - good - reliable - proven drive with a lot of support in these and other forums - and still at a good price point (<$70)-

Good source to find 'em= -


You will never be able to catch up with technology. Just accept what’s available today and be happy with it. Else, you’ll be chasing the wind…

Yo DevHead-

My thoughts exactly - that’s why I recommended the 3500-


Had my 3500 for about a month now and have no regrets. With Blu-Ray and HD-DVD just around the corner, I wanted a burner that could get the job done now and not have to wait for firmware to make it right. This time next year burning as we know it will start to go the way of the dinosaur.