NeXt Copy Ultimate V3

Okay folks. I know there alot of programs out there. But this one should be tried, I believe they have a trial. Let us know what you think.

I worked very hard for a month testing this to get it to just not work and I can’t seem to do so. As alan1476 stated this is a program that should be at least tried you could be amazed at the outcome of the product.

I’ve not yet been able to test due to a trial error which is hopefully being sorted, but out of interest (until i can test myself) what features set this apart from other programs? Whats the quality like versus say DVDFab or even DVD Rebuilder?

Also, I see it has some BR features which look nice but is it able to take a BR and compress to DVD or DVD DL? Now that would be good :slight_smile:
How is the multiple DVD -> BR feature handled? Does it create a menu on the BR disc?

Quality in my book is better than Fab. Just my opinion others may differ. No it doesn’t take a BR and compress to DVD or DVD DL. It will take a DVD and convert it to BR format and you can put up to 10 movies on one BR Disc.

Sounds like compressing a BR to DVD could be new feature to consider!

And how do you access each movie on the BR?

Right now you need to skip to get to the next movie but I just suggested myself to add titlesets to the beginning of each movie to make it easier. BR to DVD isn’t as easy as you think as there is too many different variables involved and doing so right now you’d be looking at 2 or 3 or even 4+ hours to do so. So the titlesets and to be able to copy and burn a BR are on my top agenda to get the company to do right now.

It is only going to get better.