Next button on remote to go to different PGC?

Hi, I’m new to this, but I’ve been “winging-it” pretty well so far, so bear with me. Also, sorry for the long explanation, but I want to ask my question clearly on the first try…

I’ll just say that I attempted to search for an answer to this on this and the other DRMP forum. I didn’t even find anyone with the same question, much less an answer…

My basic question: how do you change what will happen when someone hits the Previous and Next buttons on the remote?

Long winded description:
Anyway: I have chopped up a DVD (Band Of Brothers) so that a lot of the stuff is cut out (to try to preserve as much original content as possible). For instance; I completely removed the ~115mb intro from each episode.

Another step I took is I moved the interviews and end credits to other PGCs, this way when I compress the DVD I can choose a lower compression for those parts of the show, and leave the most space possible for the rest.

I’ve also removed pretty much all of the Pre, Post, and Cell Commands. (I don’t understand what they mean, so I got rid of them… what can I say?) Pretty much all I have is the Post Command “Link PGC” to go to the next PGC when needed.

Just to let y’all know, each disc is 2 episodes, each episode has the intervies (1 chapter), the show (6 chapters), and the end credits (1 chapter). I’ve also created a blank program that redirects back to the menu (1 chapter). In the DVD I have 2 titles (1 for each episode), each title has a total of 9 chapters.

I cannot stress this enough: the DVD works as expected if I play them straight through. The interviews are first, when they’re done it automatically goes into the episode, and when all 6 chapters of it have played it automatically goes into the credits, after the credits are done it jumps back to the menu. Also, there are no red-lettered conflicts when looking at the DVD in DRMP, I’m using version 3.3.

Where I need help is the previous and next chapter buttons on the remote don’t go to the previous or next chapter if that means playing something from a different PCG. (see images for this) So if Title 1 - Chapter 1 is playing, and I hit the next button, it’ll skip to Title 2 - Chapter 1 instead of Title 1 - Chapter 2. BUT the previous and next buttons DO work if it is within the same PCG. So if Title 1 - Chapter 2 is playing, and I hit the next button, it’ll to (as it should) to Title 1 - Chapter 3. Chapter 3 will go to 4, to 5, to 6, and to 7, but hitting Next while chapter 7 is playing wont make it go to chapter 8 (since it’s going to a different PCG).

I’ve tried this with Nero’s software DVD player and on my standalone DVD player.

You need to set PrevPGC/NextPGC (it is on the “Extras” pane in PGC view). When “Next” button is pressed while last program of PGC is played then playback will be redirected to the first program of PGC set as “Next PGC”. Next/Prev PGCs should belong to the same Title.

Oh I see…

It’s so easy…

Thanks Dimad!

You are welcome. :slight_smile:

Hmmm, I think I did what you said, but it didn’t seem to work…

Here’s what I have now:

As you can see, I have PCG 1 open and have “Next PGC” set to #2. When I export the DVD (both test and full export) hitting the next button makes the movie jump to Title 2 - Chapter 1.

I also have “Next PGC” set to 3 for PGC 2 (which has 6 programs). When I hit next on the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, or 5th program it works as expected, but when I hit next on the 6th program it doesn’t do anything, the movie just continues playing.

Keep in mind that playing the dvd works as it should.

Can you upload zip with ifo files of your edited project somewhere, so that we can take a look?

Sure… (sorry for taking so long to respond BTW)

Here ya go!


This is from an “export test” if that makes any difference.

Everything seems fine… Are you testing playback in software or standalone DVD player?

Can you check that “Next Program Search” Prohibited User Operation is not set in vob files? Just right click in preview of last program in PGC 1/2 and “set prohibited operations…”.

As a suggestion remove Link command from post-commands in PGC 1 and 2. Theoretically it is not needed if NextPgc link is set.

If it does not work. Why don’t you append PGC2 & 3 to PGC1 and have all the material you want to play sequentially in one PGC? Just right-click on PGC2 and “copy pgc”, then right-click on PGC1 and “append copied pgc”. And same for PGC3.

Oh good!

Before making the original post I tested in both, but since then I’ve only been testing in a software player (Nero 6’s DVD player).

There shouldn’t be any prohibitions, DVD Region Free should have taken care of any of those. …<later> OK, I actually checked, and all PUOPs are clear.

OK, I’ll do that, thanks!

I have them in different PGCs so that I can compress them at different qualities in Nero Recode. (Compress the credits at lowest quality, for example.)

I’ve been thinking of using DVD Rebuilder + CCE basic, but the $100+ I’d have to spend hardly seems worth it… DVD Rebuilder is just a ripper right, it doesn’t do the same stuff as DVD ReMake Pro does it?

Maybe I sould just bite the bullet and go 100% double layer for my backups. Save myself time and effort…

I have them in different PGCs so that I can compress them at different qualities in Nero Recode. (Compress the credits at lowest quality, for example.)

Does it compresses based on PGCs or Titles? Anyway, you can put them in different PGCs if needed for compression and after that change to single PGC.

OK, I’ll do that, thanks![/quote]
I have a dvd similar to this non-sequential multi-pgc title setup, which makes use of NextPGC and PrevPGC. It does not use post command “Link PGC x” but rather “Jump Title x chapter y”. So try this:

  1. Add post command “Jump Title 1 chapter 2” to PGC 1, with NextPGC=2.
  2. Add post command “Jump Title 1 chapter 8” to PGC 2, with NextPGC=3 and PrevPGC=1.
  3. Add post command “Jump Title 2 chapter 1” to PGC 3, with PrevPGC=2. You mentioned that you redirected this back to the main menu. That’s fine. Just thought you might want to play the next episode.

Do the same steps for PGC 4-6.

Suppose you’re on PGC 4 (Title 2 Chap 1) and you want to go back to Title 1 Chap 8 (credits). Then you must

  1. Create a dummy PGC 7. Assign it to Title 2 (RC on PGC and “Assign to Title”).
  2. Add pre command “Jump Title 1 chapter 8” in PGC 7.
  3. Assign PrevPGC=7 in PGC 4.

You can use free version of Rebuilder and HC (freeware) as the encoder instead of CCE basic. The difference is the encode time takes longer. Rebuilder Pro has more options. It’ll be worth your investment. Rebuilder is not a ripper. It is a frontend interface that makes use of other free and commercial encoders, which do the real work. Rebuilder determines bitrate distribution for each segment, and is very configurable.

I have them in different PGCs so that I can compress them at different qualities in Nero Recode. (Compress the credits at lowest quality, for example.)
You can use RB-Opt utility to assign a lower bitrate after doing the Prepare stage from Rebuilder.

Just check, Recode compresses based on PGCs.

[Edit]Don’t use Showtime. It does not honor NextPGC and PrevPGC somehow. WinDVD and PowerDVD do.

Been gone for a while, kinda lost interest in Bando for a while.

HEY! That’s a good idea…!

I think I’ll just do that!

Thanks for all the advice, I think I’ll try it all!
Especially the bit about Showtime, that program is annoying through and through. I’ve heard good things about WinDVD. I think I got a copy of it with my motherboard that I’ll try.

If I end up buying one I’ll prolly get ZoomPlayer, I don’t like it as much as BSPlayer, but if it’ll play DVDs as well it’ll be worth it.