Next Burner?

What’s your next burner? SD2 killers can be counted on two hands and one of them is a Toshiba 1202 DVD combo. The ASUS 16, 40 & 48 are unaffected by the new SecuROM new or the evolutionary leap to SD2.51.021 The Liteys can still cut all versions of SD2, too.

Liteons on the other hand seem to be the victim of a concerted effort by copy protection developer SecuROM. It’s become hit & miss for many Liteon owners.

DVD-ROMs are becoming more popular so the benefit of the ASUS as a reader & writer is not such a feature any more, although still very, very handy. The Liteon LTD-163/165 and Toshiba SD-M1402 are still the best readers around so I see most systems having the burner partnered with a dedicated reader.

If you’re reading this and you own a Yammy, TEAC, Sony or other expensive name-brand, chances are you’re trying to find out why your device can’t cut the mustard or maybe you already know why.

So, what are you going to do next?

Who is Eva? :slight_smile:


Eva = Ever

Well FP, that “My Recommended Burner” link in your sig has finally convinced me. Will definetely go for that new 48x asus when i get the chance :wink:

PS: Eva ?? :confused:

Asus… I’m still smarting over the Lite-On DCR “bug”. Though that Yamaha that burns words on the disc might be interesting…

PS. Wow, my 800’th post!

Will there also be a 52/32/52 writer from Asus just like the upcoming Lite-On?
The 48x Asus can read protected audio CD’s if I’m correct.
Has someone got a link to a review of this drive?

I read the forums and saw that most people were happy with Lite-On so I bought one too. I always knew that it would be a matter of time before someone brought out some form of protection that would defeat the Lite-On, and now it seems like that has happened.

Having said that I have not fallen foul of this yet and with luck I’ll be able beat the new SecuROM V3 protection with a different reader which will extend the life of my burner further.

I’m still using CCD, for no other reason than I prefer the interface and will switch to V4 when I see the need. Maybe by that time Lite-On will have a firmware fix or Olli will have figured out a way to beat SecuROM V3 via software, even if it does mean some [more] special case processing for Lite-On drives.

Well I was thinking of an asus but since my Litey 24102B can do the new securerom new (see here ) I guess I’ll stick with what I’ve got for at least a little while longer.:smiley:

i’ll always stay with a Plextor drive.
only reason i bought a Lite-On was to copy SD2.51.021 and thats all i use the Lite-On drive for.
nothing wrong with Lite-On, just find that the Plextor drives are of a better quality.

My combo of LTD163D and Sony CRX175A1 has never failed yet to read and write 1:1 back ups at max speed including NeverWinterNights.

I quite fancy that ASUS 4816A drive… If it’s really as good as you describe FP then it’s definitely a great buy.

I now have a Lite-On/TEAC/Plextor(s)/Yamaha/Mitsumi but not an ASUS yet :wink:

My next cd writer would be a LiteOn : reason : cheap

But i think the next writer i’ll buy will be a DVD (Re)Writer which can handle all the - and + variants. So , i’m waiting.

Still burning with a 12 Speed IDE Plextor at the moment

It was thanks to help & info provided by Futureproof (& Huzzy), that I got an Asus burner,& I’m quite impressed with it & I haven’t even tried to use programs like Clone CD yet!
Managed to rescue a “dead” CDRW that a failed erase job by my Creative 1210E meant it’d become unreadable until now!
And a couple of newer Audio CD’s that were protected & unreadable in my Creative1210E (Worked fine on my Diamond Data CD Rom drive),again played without any probs using the Asus 40x CDRW!!:slight_smile: