Next burner



Ok, i currently own a 851s@832s and a 1213s@1633s. I just sold my 1213s, i was thinking about buying to the nec 3500a as to what i have read here its the best burner currently out. Should i wait a few months for the next set of 16x burners (I care only about quality) or go with the 3500a? anyother suggested burners out there? I maily just burn data archives and i want both + and - support.


From what I’ve been reading in the next round of DVD burners the only extras that you will be getting is increased DVD -/+ RW burn speeds and maybe -R DL. The current top performers seem to be working very well (NEC + PIONEER) so if you need it now go for one of them. If your a LITE-ON fan I would wait for the next generation to see what they can produce.


See this sticky thread:


yes, i read the sicky thread, but i geuss i didnt read far enough. thanks for answering my question.