Nexperia (BenQs) still available

Since the “BenQ DVD Writers are Vanishing” thread has grown so long and old, I thought it might be useful to create a new thread just for Nexepria BenQ drives and Nexperia BenQ rebadges, to document eBay sales and the like where these drives are still available and/or appear on sale from time.

A notice in this thread should state:

  1. Where the drive has been found, an ebay auction, permanent webshop etc.
  2. The drive model, and in the case of rebadges, what Nexperia BenQ the drive is a rebadge of/can be crossflashed to.
  3. The price sought by the seller, and also if pertinent information about the stock, if the seller is selling auctioning off a lot of multiple drives in one listing or in the case of a webshop, how many drives the seller has in stock.
  4. Where the seller is prepared to ship to, e.g. just the United States, Europe, Worldwide or whatever.
  5. Any other pertinent info.

To aid these investigations, I’m going to attach an Excel spreadsheet distributed a while ago by the member Parato Optimal, he/she did extensive research on the remaining Nexperia BenQs and their rebadges.

Pereferably each item/listing should be listed in an individual post.

Perhaps a mod might sticky this and delete posts pertaining to auctions that have ended?

I’ll get the ball rolling.

eBay auction.
Seller claims to have a Philips DVD+R/RW drive, Model number DVD8601/94
Parato’s spreadsheet identifies this as being either a BenQ DW 1600 or 1620.
Starting bid is $10, no bids yet, ships to U.S. only. Auction ends in 2 days.

Drive is 2nd hand, a “working pull” from a retired machine.

Ebay auction
Seller offers a “Sony DRU-810” which according to the spreadsheet, could be either a DW 1640 or 1650.
Has a current bid of $19.99, with $7.50 shipping to the United States only. Auction ends in 2 days 11 hours.

However, the sellers description was clearly written a long time ago and may have been unsucessfully auctioned before.

eBay auction.
Silicon Valley Compucycle offers a Plextor PX 740A, which is a rebadged BenQ DD DW1640.
Starting bid is $29.99 with a “Buy It Now” option of $34.99.
Ships Worldwide from California.

Online webshop
That’s The Best Part Inc. offers an External BenQ EW1621 for $99.
Shipping details unknown.
The spreadsheet identifies this model as having some class of Nexperia chipset.

The EW-162I should be a 1620 in external case.

[QUOTE=KTL;2148513]The EW-162I should be a 1620 in external case.[/QUOTE]… 162I [B]is[/B] the same as DW1620 (PNX7860E mainchip), just with the differance that the firmware for 162I differs, (enables UDMA-3, IIRC). :slight_smile:

BTW, BenQ’s 162* are great drives no matter external or internal. :flower:

[I]Ooops, wanted to add/edit this comment to above post.[/I]

[QUOTE=SeanW;2148465]eBay auction.
Silicon Valley Compucycle offers a Plextor PX 740A, which is a rebadged BenQ DD DW1640.
Starting bid is $29.99 with a “Buy It Now” option of $34.99.
Ships Worldwide from California.[/QUOTE]

Silicon Valley Compucycle now has 24 of these drive available on eBay.
Shipping worldwide with a $34.99 “Buy It Now” option, it also has a “Best offer” option on the drives.

Unfortunately, they are all Used.

If anyone wants to grap a BenQ DW1640 and cannot otherwise do so, Carpe Diem!

eBay auction.
Private seller offers a used DW 1620.
Current bid is under US$10.
Shipping is $8 from Canada, $13 to U.S, requests email to enquire about shipping elsewhere.

Bidding ends in a little over 1 day. There are currently 5 bids.

eBay auction
trader offers a lot of 3 drives, of which 2 are DVD8631 = BenQ DW 1620, the other one is nothing special it seems.
Starting bid is $24.99
no bids yet, auction ends in 5 days
Seller ships to United States only.

eBay auction.
Trader offers a [B]used[/B] Plextor external DVD RW drive.
Starting bid is $99 :eek: with 0 bids (gee I wonder why :rolleyes: )
Auction ends in just over 2 days.

The seller does not identify the drive model, but the faceplate looks identical to my PX-740A = BenQ DW1640.

That strongly suggests that this drive is a PX-740UF, basically an external version of the PX-740A

Still in silly pricing territory:

eBay sale.
Seller Green Dragon Games offers a Sony DRU-810A, which could be either a BenQ DW1640 or 1650.
Price is just under $70, ships to the United States only.

eBay auction:

Seller offers a Philips DVD8631 = BenQ 1620.
Looks like it’s used.
Current bid is US$0.01
Auction ends in 3 days 16 hours.
Item is based in Massachusetts, shipping to the United States only.

Note: seller failed to respond to a question I posed (asking if he/she would ship internationally) so far, approximately two days ago.

eBay auction with Buy It Now option.
Seller offers a beige bezel, BenQ DW 1620.
Item is used.
Ships to United States only.
Buy It Now price is $19.99, starting bid is $9.99 with 0 bids.
ends 6 days 11 hours.

Plextor 740A

still a few of these left, same seller i bought mine from. :slight_smile:

eBay auction/sale

Seller offers a used BenQ DW 1620
ships to the United States only.
Starting bid is $10, with a buy it now option of $12.50
Shipping is $5.
Auction ends in 6 days 17 hours.