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XLNT Idea Nexis 100AP Publishing System Review

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Excellent product is what i can say about it as an user.

WOW what a product. I can say XLNT is Excellent.

The program keeps crashing on my computer - I’m running xp pro, have a Gateway Media Center SP2 - its a AMD 64x2 Dual core processor 4200+ 2.21 GHZ 1.87GB of Ram - someone told me its because its a 32bit software and won’t run correctly with my AMD 64x2 - is that true? anything I can do about it?? :c

Actually, it will run on 64 bit processor but what it can’t run on is 64 bit operating system (64 bit vista or windows). It’s easy to get these two mixed up though.

After realizing I purchased the wrong unit (printer and not publisher) and after burning through 5 disc without a good (not great) alignment, I am in the process of returning the unit to Amazon. This was a mission critical component and no one picked up at XLNT tech support - I will look at the Rimage line instead.

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Don’t go with the Rimage. Wal-Mart uses them in their PhotoCenter and they have software/firmware issues all the time that keep them from running consistently. Customers and technicians are both frustrated. Other brands are more stable in the software and firmware arena.

Thanks Terry. I returned the crappy Nexus and purchased a Epson Discproducer - WOW! Not so much because the Nexus was just a piece of junk, but the Epson knocked out 1500 disc for me in several hours without one coaster. Well worth the extra 2k. Still wondering what machine was used for the review and how all these people produced anything decent with the Nexus, which is also branded by Synergy and another as the Systor DiscMaster. Even funnier, any other reviews I found on the Web gave this thing awful ratings. Hmmm…

I got this Nexis printer which is amazing and i burnt more than 300 CD’s without any problem. I would recommend everybody to buy it.