Newt weeks ads (10/14/07 US)

not much to post this week. I only got half the ads and it seems they have all been posted anyway. I tried to scan the whole radio shack ad but I botched the html edit (sorry), anyway, here it is (I didn’t scan many things ans they have already been posted).

compusa (credit to wobble)

kmart (credit to negritude)

bestbuy, office depot, circuit city

staples (credit to 8mh)

I think thats everything but office max (didn’t get it).

Fyi, if you want to go hunting for the radioshack scans, its, February 16, 2007 (20).jpg
Paste that entire line, not just the first link part in your web browser address window, change the 20 to the page number you want).

If someone can get working links from that, its pages 20 through 35.

Thank you ripit!

the pwnage is here


Thangs RipIt

Thanks ripit!

Thanks every week ripit! :slight_smile:

Thanks Ripit, Found A TYG03 @ Walgreens, but Price is not effective yet till tomorrow, so I hid it. I am gonna be back next week to get it since I only work once a week. MIJ Octagon Spacer, -R 16X, exactly the same spindle I got from Circuit city and it turned out to be TYG03

Thanks ripit

Thank you ripit

Thanks again ripit,

Thanks ripit!!

@ghetocowboy, yeah I have seem them at Walgreens also, going this afternoon to look for some, they were some of the better TYG03’s I have had.

good luck MegaDETH, it is rare though so dont be disappointed. The last TYG03 I found was at Circuit City and it was over 8 months ago. Only one TYG03 spindle among all the spindles they have on the shelves, so basically it was 1 spindle out of 80-90 spindles that was made in Japan

Just come from Walgreens and scored the only TYG03 on the shelf
thanks for the Tip
And thanks Ripit for the Scans

Last time I was there they had a few :wink: But my Walgreens has a VERY limited stock of discs both CD and DVD, not much volume movement at all so chances are pretty good but don’t worry I won’t be broken up if they don’t have any :sad:

I bought 5 pack of Nexxtech DL in CC for $5.99. They are MIHK, and media code is RICOHJPN D1-067

Hmm MIHK… I think these are faked media code, others will chime in if I am wrong.

See this thread

Sony TYG03 Scans for anyone interested
Burned at 16x in my BenQ1650

While this an acceptable burn I have only had really good scans with Sony TYG03 on my LG42N and Samsung 203B.

Hopefully I can find a pack today (with any luck) and post some comparison burns.

Well nether of My Benq’s are Great -R burners (Nothing like Verb MCC 003 and TY02 +R media). But they still do a decent job and i can rest assured the media should last the test of time.