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I’m trying to obtain something located in the newsgroup alt.binaries.comp . I am using Xnews as my newsgroup program, but when I go to download all the headers for this group, there are 1million+. Xnews will starts to download them, but eventually hangs up the computer or I’ve gotten an ‘out of memory’ error. I wind up restarting the PC every time. I’ve tried using the filter feature to maybe only download headers with certain criteria, but I can’t get it to work the way I want & filter properly. Does anybody have any suggestion on a better free newsgroup program I could use?

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Xnews is not really meant for binaries. I would suggest you try the trial of newsleecher and buy that. Best binary downloader going IMO.

On the free side I hear good things about grabit


have to disagree redx113 … xnews was made specifically for binary newsgroups. i’ve been using it for years. it is the most simple, yet ppowerful and robust binary newsreader that i have used. i hate complexity and feature bloat…which is what all the others are about.

the problem that buscuitboy is experiencing is likely a lack of RAM, when xnews (or any other binary newsreader) combines the threads of multipart binary posts…it takes a lot of memory. the good news is that it is temporary, then once they are threaded, memory demand drops to normal. also, you will get some spiking in RAM use when you are downloading because you are in actuality downloading individual messages which are being combined into binary files on your computer, which takes memory.

You learn more about binary newsgroups and downloading binaries from the usenet at:

which is a tutorial on using the binary newsgroups



There’s not much point resurrecting these old posts. At least this one is this year unlike the other one in the Newbie section that’s over 2 years old.