Newsgroup Search Tool

What’s up?

Does anyone know if there any newsgroup search tools?

I used to always use Fileferret and Ferretsoft got rid of it. I also tried Re:News. But this program can not be set up to be used with my news server.

The search tools come in handy when you are looking for that one file that you need to complete that game/program!

Thanks again

Buck Wilde

search for newsgrabber (soon zeonews)

i use this to d/l file!

it’s fast, easy to use, many options,… !

I dont about you guys but I have used Agent for so long, that I would be totally lost. Its especially good when some company comes and spams the hell outta every newsgroup on the planet, but you have to activate kill filters. I have a filter that filters out stuff like child-kid porn, that is truly disgusting.

I’ve tried Agent and it is pretty good, I just think it needs a GUI update! Sorry, it just puts me back in time with Win95. I use X news right now?

But what I was looking for is a straight newsgroup search tool.

I did get newsferret to work! So I am back to using it again!


Buck Wilde