[News]The New Website of iFonebox Comes Out!



Good News!
With the recent upgrade of iFonebox, the official website of iFonebox also made the total update. Now it offers our customer with totally new appearance.

View the whole website at:

But it is not perfect yet at present. We need your valuable advice to make it better. We welcome any opinion about our website no matter it is about design or format or expression etc. You can express any idea about our website here.:flower:

If you have tried iFonebox, we welcome you to express your own experience with iFonebox and share it with all of us. You could write a review at www.ifonebox.com/ifonebox/reviews

Besides, we also set an official forum for all iFonebox customers to express their thinkings. We will post all the latest news, updates, promotions, and other activities concerning as well. If you are an apple fan, this place is also a good place for you.