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Hey there

My ISP has just got a new wicked News Server and i have been using News Shark to get MP3’s off it.

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But i’m not going to buy/register News Shark so i can’t use it any more :frowning:
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So i am asking you which is the best News Reader out there that supports Binaries. I want to see all headers and then from that select the ones i want to download and then just leave it and it will do it. I used Agent but it just seemed to want to download the whole NewsGroup!
Cheers For Any Help

Checked here ?

Newsbin Pro

It is a good idea to actaully register programs because that money sometimes goes back into development to make the application to work better. Granted there apps out there that stink to high heaven and should never be bothered downloading.

But some of them, such as Agent, Clonecd, CDRwin, Nero, you should register or at least buy them for support reasons.

X-News works ok to. Some of the ngs readers can filter out annoying text message spam crud so you never see it, but the filters have to be set up in Agent, but I think Newsbin can actually filter out things that dont have a certain size.

you can filter stuff out with xnews too. it is actually a very powerful filter although it is more for the technical user (it makes you think about what you want to do).

i like it better than newsbin for example, bc it is so very powerful and yet simple. bare bones. yep, i like skinny girls better than bigger girls … eh, sorry about that…

You learn more about binary newsgroups and downloading binaries from the usenet at:

which is a tutorial on using the binary newsgroups