News: Plextools 2.18 on sale on official website

It is now possible to purchase the software… :wink:


[ul][li]Price: EUR 12.00 Orders from the European Union include 21% VAT.
[/li]> [li]Shipment: Proof of purchase by e-mail for product activation, Download
[/li]> [li]Platform: Windows 95, Windows NT, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows 98, Windows ME
[/li]> [li]Option: Extended Download (Duration: 24 months)
[/li]> [li]File Size: Full version: 11.5 MB
[/li]> [li]Download Time: Full version[list][]56k: ~27 Min.[]DSL/Cable: ~2 Min.[*]T1: ~1 Min.[/ul][/list][/li]Thanks ET :wink:

:a :a :a wtf!!! we have to buy it!!! :a :a :a

Well, I think that they started to sell the program for 708 non-EU owners… The main reason should be the “permanent” bitsetting capability added to the 708A firmware, which requires PlexTools (well, maybe also other softwares now can do this…). Now PlexTools is included in every new drive, so 71x owners should be safe. :wink:


and soon this forum will erase all documents related to “how to install Plextools without the CD”… LOL.

Who made the nice step by step with pictures and there’s a link in the faq??? :bigsmile:

Well. Who really cares… There are at least two ways to use the update
w/o having installed a previous version. (No, won’t post them here.)


Damn. Too slow… :wink:
Just found that the reg-cheating-method is already covered.

LOL! This is a very subtle and interesting question, anyway… It has been raised also in the “Nic Wilson case”. :wink:


Very “nice” of them indeed :a :a :a They really want to alienate as many customers as they can :sad:

yeah im getting sick of the word plextor!!! especially after i just bought a px-716a drive! getting crap burns with it and now they want to charge for a previous free program!!!

As I said, it is not true… IMO, owners of the Premium, the 712, the 716 and some owners of the 708A (those who had Plextools bundled with the drive, in the installation CD), do not need to buy the program… :smiley:

On the other hand, people who had the 708A without Plextools, now have the chance to buy the program…


On the other hand, people who had the 708A without Plextools, now have the chance to buy the program…

Yuh I was one of them…I don’t understand why Plextor USA didn’t bundle PLEXTOOLS with the 708A drives to begin with.

The advantage to PTP was Q check features. There were no Q check features in the 708…only in the 712A and Premium…so why include sw that wouldn’t work anyhow? I understand that Europe and USA are two separate business units. That’s why USA bundles with Roxio (a US company) and Europe bundles with Nero (a European company). Could change, but I think that’s the way it is.

Another PTP advantage (besides Q-Check) is its ultra-fast and secure digital audio extraction with error recovery (and able to defeat audio protections :iagree: ) … it even is a match for EAC and sometimes is able surpass it on severely damaged discs. Additionally, the 708A is the drive with the best audio error correction on the market (according to the CDR-Info review performed with ABEX Test CD’s) …

IMO, every owner of a ‘real’ plextor drive (not talking 504A, 5224 CDRW and 116A DVD-ROM) should be granted a free version without any further discussion.

:bow: AMEN!!! :bow:

Hehe, I remember using Plextools (or was it plex—something— Manager) for win 95/98 when I first got my UltraPleX Wide (40 max) and my external 8/2/20. I was sad when WinXP version was not released.

But then I got a 712A, and now I am happy again (sort of).

I wish Plextor would make their drives as solid their old SCSI line.
Those of you who have had one of those drives know they are built like tanks!
I would give up a kidney before I give up my UltraPlex (40) Wide.

Ok, but I have babbled enough.
Good Luck!

I would buy it on cd-rom.

Good lord fuss fuss fuss no one hast to buy it unless they r retarted here it is for free~~~~>PLEXTOOLS 2.18 :bigsmile:

PhIbErOpTiK none of the download links will install without a previous PlexTools version being present on your system. And the only way to do this is to install it from the original disc, or by editing your registry. It’s still debatable if changing the registry is legal or not, if it turns out to be illegal we have no choice but to remove the registry hacks from our forum. For now you can still use them, nobody is forcing you to buy anything. Some people will be willing to pay for the software, some won’t.

IMO, every owner of a ‘real’ plextor drive (not talking 504A, 5224 CDRW and 116A DVD-ROM) should be granted a free version without any further discussion.
I agree with this one as well but as already been said: Plextor has different headquarters with different strategies. In Europe we’re lucky: we get Nero and PlexTools with our retail drives. In America they choose to do things differently: Roxio and no PlexTools, expect with the drives that support Q-Check (Premium, PX-712A, PX-716A).

i have made my tempory plextools link just a file with a note saying where to get it, plextools 2.18 is free as a upgrade.

my point about this is,
plextools is only usefull to Plextor drive owners
all buyers of a plextor drive should have got plextools
so selling it only for those who have lost/damaged there cd.
so reallly the regmod is ok? right? :confused:


ben L)

I guess you can remove it now, since the same one is on their website now (the updates, not the full version).

Edit: Ben, you changed your text LOL.